Thursday, January 12, 2017

#MFRWauthor Blog Challenge: Surviving Your Family

This week's blog challenge topic was how your family survives your writing. My first thought on this was how do writers survive their family? Right? You would not believe the writers I have known who have been discouraged and defeated by their families.

Mostly that applies to struggling writers who aren't taken seriously by selfish spouses/parents/children and even friends. I can think of five writers I know right off the top of my head who are no longer writing because of family demands. Like if they were trying to write something and the family member came to the door and said I'm hungry, they quit and had to go make food. Or they had to take someone someplace. Whatever. Then there are the jealous or smothering partners who don't want you to write, but love to play golf and do things they enjoy.

I've listened to hours of complaining by writers who feel guilty if they are writing rather than attending to every need of their family. They can't get a book finished. They just might as well give up. Well, it all comes down to standing up for yourself and your right to do something that makes you happy. Making your own demands for a change.

My cousins are very supportive of my writing. However, my son amuses me. I don't know that he has ever read anything I've written. I think he is proud of me. But once when I told him a reviewer said one of my books was "hot and sexy," he was like "I'm not okay with that."

It was so funny! Over the holidays I text his girlfriend a picture of a bare-chested guy in a Santa hat for fun and she text back that my son told her not to open it. God forbid that I'm one of the original Bad Moms.


Shari Elder said...

I focused my blog the same way. Glad to know I'm not the only one playing with the prompt. Good post.

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

I have known a lot of writers in the same boat. Happy to hear of those who overcome it and write merrily on! This is so sadly true of many would-be writers.

Heather Boyd said...

'they quit and had to go make food' Unless its a child, that shows alarming disrespect.

I have sons, teenage and adult, supportive but disinterested in the actual words I write. I'm fine with that. Its not for them I write but for me.

Diane Burton said...

I, too, know writers whose spouses are so disrespectful. They insist their spouse do everything for & with them, as if they can't watch TV alone. Yet the writers won't stand up for themselves. I imagine it's a lifetime of catering to the desires/needs of one over the other.