Monday, December 12, 2016

#Christmas Confessions from Kensington author @HeatherHiestand #Redcakes

Hello, I’m Heather Hiestand, author of the Redcakes series for Kensington (Rakes and cakes!), and as of this fall, the author of the Grand Russe series for Kensington! I spent years writing Victorian romance, and now I’m moving to the Roaring Twenties and a decadent grand hotel. If I Had You is out now, and books two and three of the series are coming in 2017.

Christmas Confessions

1. I always buy Christmas Crackers at Christmas because my family loves the British holiday tradition, and we all look great in crowns!

2. In my opinion, Christmas fruitcake should be regifted in your family circle every year. No one should ever actually open it!

3. I better get up Christmas morning and find my kid's presents from Santa under the tree or else.

4. I think most Christmas movies are sweet and my favorite is White Christmas because my sister and I like to sing the "Sisters" song.

5. My Christmas dinner is usually a feast and my favorite dish is kale salad and I’ll be drinking an eggnog latte.

 If I Had You

Inside the glittering walls of a famous hotel, an ingĂ©nue experiences first passion . . . 
As she stands before the gilded doors of The Grand Russe Hotel, Alecia Loudon is poised on the threshold of a profound awakening. It is the Roaring Twenties, and London is buzzing with opportunities for adventure . . . and indiscretion. The young personal secretary knows nothing of the ways of men, but a chance meeting with the hotel’s handsome night watchman sets her imagination afire.

Ivan Salter has noticed the quiet Englishwoman and wonders what delicate beauty might be lurking behind Alecia’s plain clothes. As the handsome Russian draws Alecia further into the hotel’s luxurious world, he introduces her to fine food, cool jazz, and forbidden assignations. Their dalliance is tested, however, by a surprising link between Ivan’s family history and Alecia’s bosses. Tangled up in international intrigue, the lovers must decide if their sparkling new romance is worth the cost . . .

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