Monday, July 17, 2017

#UpbeatAuthors Joy in Simple Things: Strive for less

My first post for Upbeat Authors is regarding all the stuff we accumulate in our houses. I have been in the process of getting rid of stuff for several years. Some times I wonder where does it all come from? I think the best rule of thumb is in the meme quote. If you have stuff in your house that is not useful or that you don't particularly love, get rid of it. The less you have, the less stress you have and less stuff to clean or to try to store.

And if you are like me, once you store it, you forget you've got it. Sometimes, it is hard to let go of things but as time has passed, I have realized that hanging onto things for sentimental reasons or because "I might use it someday" is futile. With less stuff, you can downsize, live on less and enjoy your space more.

So let's all start planning our yard sales!

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