Monday, July 24, 2017

#UpbeatAuthors Hanging onto Enthusiasm #FavoriteQuote

One of my favorite positive quotes is one by Winston Churchill. If you can hang onto your enthusiasm despite setbacks, you will succeed. I look back and think I've had a lot of failures in life and I will probably have many in the future, but I have tried to maintain my enthusiasm for writing and life in general. Of course, there have been many times when I had no enthusiasm and I felt like giving up but I stumbled on and I found myself on a new path. I'm in the first steps of taking a new path in my life now and although it is a little scary and I tend to second-guess myself, it's enthusiasm that is helping me roll along and look forward to some new writing projects and other ideas.

I hope you'll find encouragement in this quote too! Feel free to share.

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