Saturday, June 10, 2017

Writer's Block Soap: Don't You Love Fun Gifts!

I thought I'd share one of my birthday gifts with you. I have a dear writer friend who always comes up with the best, fun gifts. She always gets me something related to writing whether it a beautiful notebook or a Mardi Gras mask because we have a mutual affection for the French Quarter. This year she got me Writer's Block Soap. I took some photos of it to share as the packaging is what made it one of my favorite gifts! Plus don't you think it is great when someone takes the time to find and give a gift that is uniquely for you. Gift cards are fine and it is the thought that counts, but nothing replaces that special "this is great" moment. If you have a writer on your gift list, you might think of picking up some writer's block soap and have a laugh together! BTW, it's made in America.

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