Friday, February 17, 2017

The Sound of Music: Music Streaming #MFRWauthor Blog Hop

This week's subject is about music and writing. I have always found music very inspiring and I love writing to music as it helps set the mood for me. It depends on what I'm writing the kind of music I have playing. For comedy, I usually have lighthearted music or bluegrass playing. I love epic music for historicals and all types for contemporaries. I prefer instrumental music most of the time.

I use Napster as my primary music service because you can create playlists. They were Rhapsody for many years and they had an excellent player software, which allowed you to add music from your personal library. That was great because I have a lot of CDs. Then they changed their software so you can no longer add your own music to a playlist. I don't like what they have now all that well but it is still so much better than Amazon. This is the service I use when I write. 

I have Amazon music through Prime. In the beginning, the app or program was okay as far as easy to use and see. This year they changed it and the appearance is terrible. The background is navy blue with dark gray print and you have to run your mouse over the print to turn it white where you can read it. Also when they changed the app, all my playlists were still listed but they were empty. I do not recommend Amazon Music. I exported the music I had bought on Amazon to iTunes which is far superior to Amazon in appearance. A lot of people complained about Amazon Music so I am hoping they will improve the program. Otherwise, I don't use it.

I've been a Pandora subscriber for years and this is where I have found a lot of new artists and music I love. They have radio playlists where you don't control the songs that are in the playlist but they are of a similar nature. Like I have a Piano Guys playlist. I have Pandora on my phone so I use the blue tooth sync to listen to it on speakers. 

If you are looking for a music service to use while writing, I would recommend Napster. 

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TGIF!!! Have a great weekend! 


Cathy Brockman said...

I need to learn to use services on my MP# player. my son says to use my iPhone but I have no Idea how LOL. I generally turn on Pandora on my computer If I listen to anything.

Kenzie Michaels said...

One of my daughters installed Pandora on my phone last summer, and I love it when I don't have access to my CDs:)

Patricia Preston said...

Cathy, you just go to the app store on your phone and download the app for Pandora or any other music service.

Patricia Preston said...

Kenzie: I have been listening to Pandora this morning.

Alina K. Field said...

Great tips, Patricia! Thanks so much.

Meka James said...

I've never used Amazon music. I tried the Google music once, but didn't like the interface. I've never tried Napster. My go-to are Spotify or YouTube. Spotify is like Pandora in you can't control the actual songs you hear, just similar music based on the 'station' you chose. It works if I don't have anything set in mind. If I want something specific then I turn to YouTube.

Linda McLaughlin said...

I use iTunes for playists or go old school with CDs. Like you, I prefer instrumental music.