Saturday, February 4, 2017

#SaturdaySpotlight: Justice Delayed by Patricia Bradley #RomanticSuspense

Justice Delayed
 “Patricia Bradley weaves together law enforcement and suspense in a beautiful tapestry of words that results in a book the reader won’t want to put down.”
Lynette Eason, bestselling and award-winning author of the Hidden Identity series

It's been eighteen years since TV crime reporter Andi Hollister's sister was murdered. The confessed killer is behind bars, and the execution date is looming. But when a letter surfaces stating that the condemned killer didn't actually do it, Detective Will Kincaide of the Memphis Cold Case Unit will stop at nothing to help Andi get to the bottom of it. After all, this case is personal: the person who confessed to the crime is Will's cousin. They have less than a week to find the real killer before the wrong person is executed. But much can be accomplished in that week--including uncovering police corruption, running for your life, and falling in love.


New Year’s Eve
Paris, France. She should be ecstatic to be here on the cusp of a new year. Stephanie Hollister pushed aside the hotel’s heavy brocade curtains and looked out over the city. The setting sun provided a beautiful backdrop for the Eiffel Tower. She didn’t have to ask how her ex-boyfriend afforded such a room.
Stephanie turned from the window, and her mouth dried as she stared at the diamonds glittering on the crimson duvet. Briefly, she closed her eyes, but the image of the fiery stones remained, and she opened her eyes again.
“Beautiful, aren’t they? Not a one under three carats.”
Stephanie clenched her jaw. She had promised herself after the last shipment that there wouldn’t be another. She drew her gaze away from the bed.
“I told you last time was it.” She hated the fluttering in her voice. She hated, too, the way her heart pounded just from being this close to him. Get a grip. He used you.
“It’ll be ten thousand cash, like before.”
Ten thousand dollars could not buy peace of mind or wash away the shame of breaking the law.

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