Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Affirmations for 2017~Enjoy Each Day

I'm using the term, affirmations, instead of resolutions because I like the word better. Of course, all the usual resolutions like exercising more and eating better apply to me. But mostly I want to have more fun this year. I remember a dear friend once told me "Be sure to find something each day to enjoy even if it's just a good cup of coffee." That's what I want to do. Enjoy something every day like a good glass of tea. Be content with my life and what I have. Appreciate my family and my friends. Pay it forward.

I'm happy about having two books scheduled in 2017 for publication which are two of my favorite stories. I have the fourth book in the series, featuring Kayla, on tap to be next in this series.

My major goal for 2017 is to finish up Rafe and Simone's story, To Lose a Lady, which is the second book in my French Quarter Brides series. I have the book half-written, then I had to put it away after I signed a contract for the Love Heals All series. I definitely want to finish their story as it is one of those books of the heart. Plus I still have hopes to getting to another Darlene story! Lots of writing to get done. `

I also want to strive to be a positive influence on the readers who stop by my blog and who read my lighthearted stories, which I hope they will find entertaining and uplifting. 

Wising everyone the best in 2017 with a virtual hug! 

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Donna Cummings said...

I love affirmations. And I'm with you on enjoying each day. It's harder than it looks! But that's my intention for this year -- so far so good. :)