Saturday, December 17, 2016

#Christmas Confessions from Author Kate Moore

Today let's welcome author Kate Moore. A native Californian, Kate studied English Lit near Boston and returned to California to teach generations of high school students, who are now her Facebook friends, while she not-so-secretly penned Romances. Kate writes Austen-inspired romance set in Regency England or Contemporary California. A Golden Heart, Golden Crown, and Book Buyers Best award winner and three-time RITA finalist, Kate lives north of San Francisco with her surfer husband, their yellow Lab, a Pack 'n Play for visiting grandbabies, and miles of crowded bookshelves. Her children are her best works, and her husband is her favorite hero.

Christmas Confessions 

1. I always buy paper whites to start the day after Thanksgiving so that they bloom at Christmas, and I’m a total Christmas magazine junkie because I can’t get enough of beautiful tables and trees and tempting new cookie recipes. This year almond cookies with a caramel center from Victoria.  

2. In my opinion, Christmas fruitcake should be super-moist and almost solid fruits and nuts. My friend Pat, quilter extraordinaire, makes a wonderful fruitcake every year, studded with apricots, beautifully wrapped, and delivered for New Year’s. It’s part of our football and feasting New Year’s Day. 

3. I better get up Christmas morning and find a new book to lose myself in, preferably a romance, under the tree or else. What will I do with myself if I don’t get to spend hours reading after all the visiting and cooking, and the Christmas hike?

4. I think Christmas movies are like a shot of hope to inoculate us against winter woes. As a family we like to go to a performance—Santaland Diaries, local improv, Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley, or The Nutcracker, but show us a scene of It’s a Wonderful Life, Love Actually, or Die Hard, and we’re hooked.

5. My Christmas dinner is usually a sit-down dinner for ten to twelve with candles, boughs of greens from our woods on the white cloth with the plaid runner! My favorite dish is my Mom’s version of Swedish Meatballs with cranberry sauce. There’s a toss up for dessert between a thing called “a chocolate snowball” and Persimmon pudding. There are always gleaming silver platters of Christmas cookies, and I’ll be drinking Zinfandel. 

Kate’s latest release is Golden Boy, an Austen-inspired tale about longing
for love and family—

In L.A., land of palm trees and perpetual sunshine, charming trust-fund Golden Boy, Josh Huntington meets his match in Emma Gray, an independent single mom with a secret past. Emma turns up her self-reliant nose at Josh’s wastrel ways, but living side by side in a beach duplex heats up a most unlikely attraction. Meanwhile, to regain his lost trust fund, Josh must date the beautiful socialites on his mother’s approved list, while Emma seeks to meet the reclusive British rocker father she’s never known. Emma and Josh think they have their attraction under control, until Emma’s young son Max picks Josh for a dad. Readers say they love the characters and the ending, and find the “sexy” just right. Enjoy!


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Who doesn't love the inspiring Ms. Moore!"

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