Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Colliding Memories by Guest Blogger Alice Orr #NewRelease A Villain for Vanessa

Family members create a patchwork with family memories. A traumatic incident occurs in their shared past. The details sear the consciousness. Yet, when notes are compared, those details differ from one relative to another.

The discrepancy can be good-natured like it generally was with my brother Michael and me. We’d debate and tease, but only with the non-touchy bits. Nostalgic not gut wrenching. The dreadful stories we mostly didn’t mention.

We tiptoed around those quicksand narratives. One wrong step and we could be sucked down, with no hope of rescue from the collision of our versions of reality and the confrontation that might erupt. We’d silently agreed to avoid such battles, and we usually did.

Michael left this earth with all but a few of our most potent shared experiences unspoken. Maybe my regret of that is one reason colliding stories flow like a brackish river through so much of my Riverton Road Romantic Suspense series.

Book 4 – A Villain for Vanessa simmers with raw material for combustible collisions. Between Vanessa and her mother Amelia. Between Amelia and her sister Angela Kalli. Among just about everyone on the Westerlo side of Vanessa’s family. The explosive tonnage is terrifying.

This is fertile ground for storytelling but toxic territory in real life. Who in your family do you tiptoe around because of differing truths? What eruptions have you barely survived when one of those toes slipped into the memory mine field?

My advice. When you tell those stories, swear to heaven they’re fiction~Alice Orr

A Villain for Vanessa by Alice Orr

A story of tangled roots and tormented love.                              
Two families are shaken to their roots. Vanessa Westerlo must find her roots. Bobby Rizzo is torn between Vanessa and his true roots. They are all tormented by love – past and too present. Meanwhile a man has been murdered. And that is the most tormented tangle of all.

Alice Orr is known for Delicious Suspense spiced with Romance.
She does it again in A Villain for Vanessa.

A Villain for Vanessa is Book 4 of the Riverton Road Romantic Suspense series set in remote Riverton, New York. This story features the Kalli family and the fortunate people who find safety and welcome at the Kalli homestead on Riverton Road. A Wrong Way Home is Book 1 of the series and A Year of Summer Shadows is Book 2. A Vacancy at the Inn is Book 3 and introduces the Miller family of Riverton Road Hill.

Find all of Alice Orr’s books at http://www.amazon.com/Alice-Orr/e/B000APC22E and other online retailers.

"Alice Orr is a brilliant writer who has a number one best seller in her pocket," says one Amazon reviewer. Alice loves to write. Especially romantic suspense novels and blog posts. She’s been a workshop leader, book editor and literary agent. Now she lives her dream of writing full-time. So far she’s published fifteen novels, three novellas and a memoir – either traditionally or independently. Alice wrote her nonfiction book, No More Rejections: 50 Secrets to Writing a Manuscript that Sells, as a gift to the writers' community. A revised edition is now in progress. Amazon says, "This book has it all." And calls her novels, "Delicious well written suspense spiced with a love story." Most of all, Alice is thrilled to hear from readers. Visit her at her website http://www.aliceorrbooks.com. Alice has two grown children and two perfect grandchildren and lives with her husband Jonathan in New York City.



Patricia Bradley said...

After tiptoeing around people for 30+ years, I am anxious to read this book. Thanks for introducing a new-to-me author!

Alice Orr said...

Hi Patricia Bradley. I know just what you mean. My tiptoes are very weary too. Thanks for your comment. It's great to meet you here. Alice Orr