Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Fun: Fireside Chat and Free Historical Romance.

I've always thought a fireplace is such a cozy place, but this Christmas there's no need for Santa to worry about getting his buns toasted. No need for a fire. Not with it over seventy degrees. Plus there's a chance for tornadoes to develop in a storm system that is heading over my area. I hope everyone who is traveling stays safe! I don't plan to be on the road. Just driving around town is crazy right now, much less being on a road trip during a major storm system. 

Today I went to see the new Star Wars movie! Even on a Tuesday afternoon, the theater was almost full. When the Star Wars theme started playing at the beginning, it was so exciting! Just like years ago. There is definitely nostalgia attached to Star Wars. It has spanned generations in my family. Just amazes me. 

I think that is what made this movie so big was the return of the characters from the original series. The moment Harrison Ford appeared on the screen, there was a huge reaction from the crowd. And I think this proves that characters are what makes a lasting impression on audiences. Especially the ones you have come to love in the movies or in books. As writers, we should all strive to create wonderful characters. The new characters in the movie are good. I don't think they have the magic of the original three. However, when Kylo Ren removed his black mask, that was a moment! He was fine! He looked like he'd just stepped out of a historical romance! 

Speaking of historical romance, my New Orleans historical, To Save a Lady, is free on Amazon. If you're looking for a romance with a good mix of adventure and history, you might find it a fun Christmas read. Link:  

I hope to have the second book in this series out in 2016. I love Rafe and Simone's story and  I had planned to have it available this year. But, you know, fate has a way of changings things. I had gotten agent earlier in the year and this led to me signing with Kensington Books for contemporary romance series. So I've had to sideline the historical to work on these books. 

This past week my editor came up with a great title, which I loved, and marketing approved it. One Week In Your Arms will be the first book. These books are mainstream romances that are a blend of drama and humor. I'm working on the second book now and having a great time with the story.

Again, I wish you the best of times this week!   

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