Thursday, December 3, 2015

Friday Fun: Supernatural, Coven, Black Hats and Decadron

Black Friday Hoot

I hope everyone had a fun Black Friday last week! I did get the Amazon deal on Season 10 of Supernatural for $10. If you haven't seen this series, this is a great binge! Watched the new episode last night and they do so much great humor with Dean. He has great timing and I love his one-liners. I love a good mix of humor and drama. Plus good-looking guys are an asset!

American Horror Story: Coven

Talking about binges. I decided to check out American Horror Story: Coven on Prime because it is set in New Orleans. So I watching it and there was a scene with Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange in a courtyard and I'm thinking that is familiar. They are walking under an arbor. Is that not the townhouse courtyard where I was doing research? Yes. I checked my photos. I have one of the arbor in front of the fountain. It appears they did a lot of location shoots. I found myself missing my New Orleans characters. It is like I have too many children and not enough time for all of them. Is that weird? It probably is.

Coolest witch duds ever.

I LOVE the Coven costumes. The hats especially. They have some of the greatest black hats and dresses ever! I love this Musketeer-style hat and dress. It is my favorite so far. Awesome.

Go Juice and Writing

I went to the doctor for routine visit and got a Decadron shot for allergies. Who can't use a little Go Juice ever now and then? Then I was off to work downtown to get my part-time job done for the week so I could have a writing stretch ahead of me while I'm energized. Strangely enough, my phone went berserk. Like numbers 456 didn't work. They rang up as 7 or 8 or 9. Jamie, my pal at work, was like I've never seen that before. Maybe it was from watching Coven?? I wish I could have put a spell on some of the calls. There were times when I heard that recording about "As of October 1st we will no longer accept claims without ICD-10 codes blah blah blah" I  wanted to jerk the phone out of the wall. Dear Insurance Carrier: Especially Blue Cross Blue Shield, It is ALREADY December. You have been playing that frigging message all year. Who in hell doesn't know it? Here, I'm getting out my voodoo doll now...

The scene I'm working on now for Book 2 is with the hero, Hot Rod, and his buddy, Jerry, at a bar. It is sooo funny. Jerry is one of those great secondary characters. He runs an auto parts store and I'm having fun with how he compares stuff to car parts. LOL!!  Lots of humor in this book. Especially with the secondary characters who are colorful to say the least. For Book 1, my editor asked me for any and all ideas for the cover. He probably wishes he hadn't asked as I sent him plenty of wonderful ideas. Seriously.

That's it for Friday Fun this week!!! If you scored well on Black Friday, let us know! XOXO!

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