Thursday, November 26, 2015

Taking Time for Gratitude #Thanksgiving 2015

Gobble 'till you wobble. I think that's me today. I shared Thanksgiving with a group of friends who are empty-nesters like me. I made sweep pea salad, potato salad, fruity salad, peach cobbler and the best of all, a pecan pie, which turned out so good. It was the first one I had made in a few years and I must say it was delicious. Patricia Bradley baked a ham. OMG, I love baked ham. Needless to say, it was a great Thanksgiving dinner.

Besides eating, one of the important things we should take time for today is gratitude. There is so much strife in the world and terrible things happening so unexpectedly to innocent people, we must be grateful for our safety and well being today. I'm very grateful for my health and that my family is doing well. I live in a small town that tends to be quiet and peaceful. It only takes me a couple of minutes to get to the shopping centers, downtown, the post office, the library, and movie theater. I don't have to wait in traffic jams and I'm very thankful for that. :) 

We were blessed here with beautiful fall weather today, too. 

I am happy that I am busy. Actually, I work seven days a week now. My part-time day job has grown so that I'm working twice as many hours as I was this time last year. And when I'm not at that job, I'm at the job here. Writing. I recently signed a three-book contract with Kensington so I am working on Book 2 and I love these characters. Plus I have other short projects I'd love to do and a historical to finish up. I went part-time in order to write, well, I'm definitely getting to write now. LOL! But telling stories is what I love doing and I am thankful that I have this time to work at something I enjoy after spending the last few years working at jobs I didn't like. 

I'm looking forward to the Christmas season. Mostly I do my shopping online and I'm hoping to get the Black Friday deal on Supernatural Season 10. I lucked up last year as 9 sold out in 2 minutes. Also thinking about getting Walking Dead season 1 for my son. He needs to get hooked. I don't know if I can watch the season finale this week. Not with the wall coming down. They do the best cliff-hangers! 

Okay, so I have actually done a blog post. Due to my work load, I don't have a lot of time for social media. I am going to make an effort to have some guest bloggers on here as well as chatting myself from time to time. Alice Orr will be my guest this Monday.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! If you're wobbling, let me know! 

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