Saturday, August 29, 2015

My One and Only UFO Sighting @leigh_mcqueen Blog

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Hey, Ya’ll. I am excited about today’s Spooky Saturday Story blog because it is a guest blog by my friend and AMAZING author, Patricia Preston. While a personal UFO account may not seem like a “spooky” story to some, I think it counts. Frankly, if I had seen a UFO, I would find it extremely eerie and unnerving. Thus, it fits with my blog theme. Also, it’s just cool! There are photos interspersed with the text to illustrate and I have included them in the order Patricia numbered them. At the end, you will also find a great bio of Patricia Preston so you can get to know who she is.
My One and Only UFO Sighting
Guest Blog by Patricia Preston
During a research trip to Shiloh Military Park last October, I decided to walk down to the Pittsburg Landing area, which is on the banks of the Tennessee River. This area is where Grant’s army, which was transported by boat to the Shiloh area, disembarked and set up camp.
It was a beautiful fall day and not a cloud in the sky. Since it was a weekday, the park wasn’t busy and I had the Pittsburg Landing area to myself. I had my digital camera with me so I was taking a lot of photographs, one right after the other. I never heard or saw anything out of the ordinary. It was the kind of pastoral quiet you experience when you’re away from people and cars. The river was a deep blue and the woods a deep green. Except for the sound of birds, I heard nothing else.
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