Friday, July 31, 2015

Gratitude and Goals July 31st


Welcome to the Weekly Gratitude and Goals Linky Party hosted by Julie at Velvet Rose and Suzanna at One Hoolie Mama! The idea behind this party is to take a step back and reflect on those things, both large and small, that we are thankful for in our lives this past week as well as think about what goals we may have for ourselves for the upcoming week. So share a list of everything and anything you are thankful for and add any goals you have for the week ahead. This party will start on Fridays, but you are welcome to link up any time during the week.

This is my first Friday to join Gratitude and Goals Linky Party. I think it is very important in life to be grateful for what you have in your life and to have goals of things you hope to accomplish as this will keep you moving forward! 

This week I am grateful for:

1.  A little break in the heat! The humidity has been intense.

2. Finishing Chapter 11 in my current WIP, To Lose a Lady, after a couple of false starts. 

3. Having lunch with a writer friend on Tuesday that was fun!

4. Finally getting the root canal business behind me. I hope!

5. Getting my new TV set up in the den. OMG, it's like my own little movie theater! 

My goals for next week:

1. Forging on with Chapter 12 and 13! Hopefully, I won't run into another structure problem.

2. Got to clean the kitchen floor!

3. Enjoy the watermelon I bought today.

4. Watch Season 5 of Supernatural on the new TV.

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Julie S said...

Congrats on making progress with the WIP! Great goals for next week as well, I'm definitely in support of you watching Supernatural :) Love that show!! Thanks so much for joining us at #GratitudeGoals

Patricia Preston said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by!! My summer fun thing is watching Supernatural. I have all the seasons on DVD.