Monday, June 29, 2015

It's Always Something Jan 29 Update

This past week started off to be a winner. On Wednesday, I got my hair cut. Okay, so I'd been letting my hair grow out over the winter because I thought I'd like to have longer hair. But I changed my mind because I didn't like the hassle of drying it and it looked droopy to me. So I got a new short layered style that is terrific. I was really happy. I'd done all my errands and got the haircut that day. Then the "it's always something" strikes. I had a tooth break apart. It just happened and I'm like thinking it'll have to be capped. $$$ And it does have to be capped. I've already been to the dentist and my mouth is still sore and so is my pocketbook. 

But along with "It's always something" comes "It could be worse." I always tell myself that, and although it never seems to completely alleviate the situation, it is one way of looking at misfortune with a positive view. I think "It could be worse" is a way of accepting what happened and knowing you can deal with it. 

WIP: I have made past 35,000 words on the first draft. Yay! I haven't worked on TO LOSE A LADY this weekend as I had to get the writing cave cleaned up and reorganized. I even found some stuff in old files that will be helpful from a research perspective. This week I finished up a "getting to know you" scene with Rafe and Simone. 

In all my cleaning and digging this weekend, I actually found some old storyboards and synopsis on some book ideas I'd had a long time ago. I was like: "Wow, not bad" when I looked at them. So I'm thinking I may develop them into books eventually. 

It doesn't seem possible that it is July already! I have no plans other than to be writing and staying inside where it is cool during July Fourth. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday weekend. Remember to use sunscreen if you are out and about!!! 

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