Sunday, April 5, 2015

Using Twitter: How & Why to Pin a Tweet

One of the best ways to thank a peep for retweeting one of your tweets is to retweet one of theirs if you have time. Today, while I was taking a break from editing on my WIP, I checked my notification feed at Twitter. As always, I was happy to see that some folks had retweeted some of my tweets. So I decided to return the retweet. I usually do this by retweeting the peep’s pinned tweet on their profile page.

I was surprised by the number of peeps who didn’t have a pinned tweet, much less a tweet of their own in their home feed. Their home feed was filled with their retweets of other people’s tweets. Of course, I didn’t have time to scroll through dozens of tweets trying to find a tweet that was actually by them.

Thus, I was inspired to do this post. If you are on Twitter, you need to consider having what is known as a “pinned” tweet. The big reason for this is stated above. A pinned tweet is easy to find as it is the first tweet on your home feed, located on your profile page. That makes a pinned tweet easy to find and easy to retweet.

A pinned tweet is usually a tweet you would like to have front and center on your home feed and that you are hoping will be retweeted and/or favored. It can be a witty quote you’ve tweeted, a meme, a link to a blog post, article, book, or whatever tweet you want. That’s your choice.

You can have only one pinned tweet. You can replace the pinned tweet at any time.

How you pin a tweet:
First you have to create the tweet and tweet it.
Next you go to your home feed on Twitter and it should be the first tweet in the feed.
At the bottom of the tweet, click on the three dots. There will be a drop-down menu. Select “Pin to your Profile Page” and click.
That will pin the tweet at the top of your home feed on your profile page. It will stay as the first tweet until you decide to change it. At the top will be a push pin and "Pinned Tweet" so when someone views your page they will note it is a pinned tweet and the one you would prefer having retweeted.

You can click the three dots on the pinned tweet to unpin it, or whenever you pin a new tweet, it will replace the current one.

That’s it!! Happy tweeting, peeps!!! And you can follow me @pat_preston


Barbara Radisavljevic said...

I agree that pinning tweets and changing them from time to time is a wonderful way to let people see what you and your account are about. The ability to do that is a great feature.

Patricia Preston said...

Thanks for stopping by, Barbara!

John Chapman said...

You found yourself in exactly the same situation as I did. Amazing the number of tweeps who don't have a pinned post. Perhaps there is an explanation though = could it be that they tweet from a tablet or phone using the mobile Twitter app? That doesn't support pinned tweets yet. I suggest we all tweet - Hey @twitter, please implement pinned tweets on the mobile Twitter app.

Catherine said...

Thanks for teaching me something new!!

Patricia Preston said...

You are welcome, Catherine!

Brenda Lee said...

Definitely great tips Patricia! Thanks for stopping by my place, My Girly Parts. I look forward to checking out more of your books!