Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy #Valentine’sDay! My Gift to You: Free Short Story

Happy Valentine's Day! The one day devoted to romance is here and I'm wishing you a wonderful romantic day. Of course, Valentine's Day can be about any kind of love. The love between parents and children, owners and pets, and good friends. It can be a day to celebrate what caring for other people and the world really means. A day to reach out and let your friends and family know they are a special part of your life. Send out a few texts or email cards. It won't take but a minute to brighten someone's Valentine's Day. 

You can even send them a free copy of my short story, "Delivering Love Today" and grab a copy for yourself. It's a quick read of about 15-20 minutes. 

Behind the wheel of a florist van, Kelly is making Valentine deliveries when a handsome cowboy disrupts her schedule. Will he become her Valentine? 

Free this weekend on Amazon. 

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