Thursday, January 22, 2015

When the Muse Takes Hold: Delivering Love Today

This time last week I had no idea I would be doing this post today. I actually had no plans to have a new story out now either. My muse had other ideas. I was stalled on a book I was writing. The weather was blah and I was blah with it. Then, last week I was wandering around in a store where there were tons of Valentine goodies everything. Maybe that put the spark in my brain. I don't know.

The muse tends to be strange thing. Just when you think it has left you, it reappears, all charged up and ready to go. I got out of bed and sat down in front of the computer, knowing I wanted to write a Valentine story. Several years ago, I had written a short short story, under 1500, about a girl delivering flowers on Valentine's Day. I never really did anything with it. So, I decided to take that concept and go with it. Maybe make it a short romantic story. Maybe I'd even make a series of them?

Once I started writing, the words flowed. My muse had taken hold. I wrote all day and into the night. If there is any time that I love writing, it is when I'm writing hot. It's that moment that the characters take over and I just transcribe their words. By Friday night, I had written the story and done the second draft. A couple more drafts followed, along with editing, a cover and formatting.

It was almost a non-stop process, but it was also uplifting to me as a writer. Just to know I could accomplish this and experience such joy doing it. You can experience so much negativity as a writer, that I feel it is important to be positive and one of the most positive things you can do is embrace your muse. Let her come to you and follow her direction.

Because following your muse means following your heart!

A Fun & Flirty Short Read  (5300 words)

“Delivering Love Today” is a fun & flirty romantic short story!

Kelly Anderson never wanted to be delivering love on Valentine’s Day, but she doesn’t want to let down her uncle who’d been kind enough to give her a job at his florist. She puts on her best smile and heads out in the delivery van that’s filled flowers and balloons. Reminders that love is everywhere except in her disenchanted life.

On a lonesome country road, she’s stopped by Jared Marsden, a handsome cowboy who needs her help, or more precisely, her van. He offers his help in exchange for hers. Is he more than he seems? Will this twist of fate bring a valentine into Kelly’s life, or will it bring her a horde of angry customers and an end to her job? 

Grab a copy to read at lunch:     


Veronica Scott said...

Yay for Muses!!! Enjoyed this behind the scenes post...

Patricia Preston said...

I'm glad you did!