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What Does Artisan Mean To You by Camille LaGuire

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What Does Artisan Mean To You? by Camille LaGuire

When I wrote that post a couple of weeks ago on do-it-yourself publishing, and the Arts and Crafts movement, I got a big response of people saying, "Yeah! That!" People especially responded to the word "artisan."

But we've only just started thinking about it, so we don't really have a definition to the term "artisan writer." It's not interesting if it's just a cooler catch phrase. It's got to mean something.

This post is an opening salvo in what I hope will be a wider discussion. I'm going to give you my thoughts on this, and I hope those of you who are reading will think about it and write up your own ideas. You can put short ideas in the comments, but what I'd really love is if you posted something on your own blog, and put a link in the comments -- or maybe I'll use one of those "linky" widgets so that we can all interlink.

The key is that we don't have to all agree. It's good to start with what it all means to us personally, and then find what we have in common.

What "Artisan Writer" Means To Me

When we talk about artisan goods, we generally mean small, hand-made, non-manufactured goods. Microbreweries. My sister's small-batch hand-made jam, or Zingerman's amazing bread. It's applied to food products a lot, but also to hand-crafted toys or baskets or furniture.

And it differs from Fine Art in that these are practical and personal items -- for consuming, for using, for our entertainment and delight, but not for a museum. At the same time, it differs from amateur crafts in that it is done as a profession, and not just for fun.

So for me the term artisan evokes the place where art/passion meets entrepreneurial spirit.

And for writing and especially ebooks, it's more an attitude or philosophy than a practice.

Because, let's face it, ebooks are not -- and cannot be -- hand made. They aren't a physical object, so they aren't even made at all. And yet there can be as much difference between one ebook and another as there is between my sister's jam, and Smuckers.

So with that in mind, I have three major thoughts on what it is to be an artisan writer:

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I definitely think this is the era of the Artisan Writer! 

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