Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My "Best List" for Writers

Best motto for writers:

It’s only a book.   Your life doesn’t depend on it.  I read this in a writing book ages ago.  When you find yourself getting caught up in all the stress and insecurity that goes with writing, take a step back and know that, if nothing else, you can always write another one.  Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Perfection is not possible.  It’s only a book.  Tape that on your monitor.

Best overall advice for writers:

Write about something you love and something that you are passionate about.  Write a story you would want to read.  Your passion will come through in your work.  Don’t be afraid to take chances.  See motto above.  It’s only a book.  Start it and finish it.

Best Books about Writing:

I love On Writing by Stephen King simply because I related so much to his journey as a writer.   For technique, no one tops Dwight Swain’s Techniques of the Selling Writer.

Best writing tip:

Keep the story moving and the characters in action. If nothing is happening on the page, you need to hit delete and start over.

Best remark about getting published that I ever heard:

It came from Michael Garrett at one of his workshops.  Luck is a major factor in selling.  Sounds jaded, I know. But there is truth in it.

Best way to enjoy being a writer:

Besides writing a story you love, make friends with other writers.  My dearest friends are all writers and I don’t know what I would do without them. They are the people who understand and support me. Much more so than non-writing friends or family. So, seek out your local writing groups where you can attend meetings and find new friends who can appreciate your angst. :)

Best ergonomic tools for writers:

Imak wrist pads.  They are made from ergo beads and provide very comfortable support for the wrists.  I bought mine at Staples.

Anti-Glare filters.  They will save your eyes.  Need I say more?

Adjustable Foot Rest.   Another must have.

Logitech Soft-Grip Mouse.  Love the design.  Fits the hand perfectly.

Best Music Service for Writers

If you write to music like me, Pandora offers music streaming and personalized stations online. Rhapsody Music Service includes the ability to create play lists so you can make your own soundtracks, which I love.

Best Paper and Pen:

I only use Dr. Grip pens when I’m making notes or outlining.  It is easy on the hand and fingers.  A long time ago, I read that writing on plain paper was much better that lined paper in regard to saving your hands and also lends itself more freely to creativity.  So, I stock on sketch pads when they are on sale

Best way to get to The End:

Develop a writing schedule that works for you and stick to it.  1 page a day, 7 days a week.   10 pages,  2 days a week.  2 hours every night.  Doesn’t matter how much or how often. All that matters is you maintain it until you reached The End. 


Do you have anything to add to the Best List? 

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