Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors Nov 23: To Save a Lady #3

It's time for Weekend Writing Warrior ( This week's snippet is from my new release, To Save a Lady, a historical romance set in New Orleans.

For this weekend, I'm posting some description of the courtyard where Elise and Jesse meet. (I just love courtyards!)

The abandoned townhouse was built flush against the raised wood of the banquette. There were no front lawn vistas in the French Quarter. The Creoles preferred the privacy of their rear courtyards, and a deserted courtyard was a perfect place for secret meetings and impossible dreams.
      The wrought-iron gate creaked as she entered the carriageway.
     At the end of the dark tunnel was a moonlit archway. A wispy fog floated through the spiky foliage of palmettos, elephant ears, and fig trees growing in the west corner of the courtyard.
     Crepe myrtles and azaleas were in hibernation, and moss covered the dormant fountain, its basin filled with murky rainwater. A couple of late roses still clung to life in the cold.

To Save a Lady is a romantic novel about courage, loyalty, and what you're willing to sacrifice for those you love. It takes place when the city is threatened by war and the stakes are high. Captain Jesse Cross has some doubts about his survival as the outnumbered American army will face great odds in battle. But his greatest battle is one of the heart when he falls for a French girl who is cloaked in mystery. In a desperate attempt to save her mistress, lady's maid Elise Plaisance becomes involved in a dangerous masquerade, and she stands to lose everything if she doesn't succeed. Yet how can she prevail when the man who has stolen her heart is determined to stop her? (She does have a tendency to pig out on pralines when she's nervous. Just so you know there are lighter moments.)

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Christina Ochs said...

What a beautiful description! The perfect place for a romantic encounter. I love courtyards, too. :-)

Patricia Preston said...

Thank you, Christine!

Veronica Scott said...

Oh wow, redolent of an atmosphere where anything can happen and I want to BE THERE! Terrific description, excellent excerpt for today...

Patricia Preston said...

Veronica: Thanks! I want to be there, too!

Teresa Cypher said...

A gorgeous description! Nicely, Christina :-)

Teresa Cypher said...

Wonderfully descriptive writing, Patricia! I loved this: "...secret meetings and impossible dreams."