Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors Nov 16: To Save a Lady

It's time for Weekend Writing Warrior ( This week's snippet is from my new release, To Save a Lady, a historical romance set in New Orleans.

Set up:  Elise, a lady's maid, is considering her ill-fated attraction to Jesse.

       He was a tall man with a rough, battle-weary face and a sinewy body.
A man that made her swoon. That was a very bad thing, according to Colette, who claimed such men were always trouble.
Was that true? She would love to find out, but she knew her limitations.
“Capitaine.” She greeted him and dropped into a polite curtsy.
She had no illusions when it came to him. During their brief encounters, Jesse had been forthcoming about himself, and he had spoken of living the kind of life she had never known. 

A move from Paris to New Orleans brings disaster to Elise Plaisance’s predictable life as a lady’s maid. The son of her grief-stricken mistress disappears, and Elise is drawn into a dangerous web of espionage and deceit when she turns to a devious gentleman for help. 
Captain Jesse Cross doesn’t fancy himself as a lovelorn soldier desperate for a woman until a mysterious French spy captivates his imagination. Their romance is a frail illusion, born in the darkness of a moonlit courtyard and never meant to last forever.
The enemy strikes. Both on the battlefield and in the Quarter. Torn between loyalty and love, Elise must risk everything to rescue her mistress’s son before all is lost. Jesse knows he has to stop her even if it means sacrificing his honor as well as his life to save a lady.

You can click on the French Quarter Brides tab on this blog to read an excerpt from Chapter 1.  
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Frank C. Etier said...

G+'d, Pinned, Tweeted.
I hope you get lots of views.

Patricia Preston said...

Hi Frank!
Thanks for the support!

Millie Burns said...

Very nice. I'm hoping she gets her chance to find out what he's all about : )

Teresa Cypher said...

This snippets is full of delicious little details. They're unobtrusive, though. Nicely done!

Elaine Cantrell said...

Now I'm wondering which lady he'll be attracted to.

Patricia Preston said...

Millie: Thanks for stopping by!

Eleri Stone said...

I picked this up last week but I haven't had a chance to start reading it yet. Moving it up on the list:)

Charmaine Gordon said...

Lovely snippet. And a cliff hanger to boot. I'm looking forward to next week.

Lisa Medley said...

Oh, why do we always love the ones we can't? Because they are delicious. Nice 8!

Veronica Scott said...

Really enjoying this story!!! Give me more LOL...great snippet.

Patricia Preston said...

Teresa: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Patricia Preston said...

Eleri: You just make my day!

Patricia Preston said...

Charmaine: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by.

Patricia Preston said...

Veronica: Glad to see you!
Lisa: That's always true! said...

I want to know more about him :)