Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MFRW Book Hooks Hop: The Yard Sale

Welcome to this week's MFRW hop where you can read snippets from some great stories! 

Recently, I've done a lot of posts on my historical romance, so this week I wanted a change and decided to do a little snippet from one of my short stories, "The Yard Sale." (It does end with a budding romance among other things.)

           As Early Birds continued to make purchases, I took in bills, gave back change, and I did each transaction with a big smile. But, to be honest, this yard sale was the culmination of my shattered life.
Amid the possessions I had for sale were wedding gifts, vacation souvenirs, and birthday presents from Clint. The past seven years of my failed marriage surrounded me. Orange price stickers proclaimed its worth. My belongings had become a corpse and the yard sale, a funeral.

Looking for humor with a happy ending?

Then, come on down to Clayburn, Mississippi, where Jennifer Riley is having a yard sale. She needs cash fast. She's lost her job, her house, and her husband has run off with another woman. From Early Birds to Prince Charming, Jennifer meets a host of quirky customers, and by the close of her sale, her life has been changed forever.

Jennifer's tips for having an extraordinary yard sale:

* Early Birds do arrive at dawn, so be ready.
* Stand up to Tightwads. How can someone ask you if you'll take less than a quarter? Seriously.
* Show some love for Packrats because they'll buy anything.
* Try not to make a fool of yourself when Prince Charming arrives.
* Most importantly, realize some things have a value greater than money.

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Victoria Adams said...

What a fantastic description of the items of a failed marriage and wheat they symbolized.

Patricia Preston said...

Victoria: Thanks!

Lyndi Lamont said...

That hooked me right away. She's very sympathetic.

Thanks for the pack rat love, since I am one. I avoid yard sales for that very reason!

Patricia Preston said...

Lyndi: That is too funny!

Iris Blobel said...

like it how she draws a prarallel between the item on sale and her broken marriage.

I'm hooked.

Patricia Preston said...

Thanks, Iris!

Suz said...

I have some empathy here...I have slowly been getting rid of everything that reminds me of my ex.

Patricia Preston said...

Suz: Good thing to do!