Friday, October 3, 2014

Fun Friday's Meet the Author: Barbara Donlon Bradley

Today, I'm hosting Sci-Fi Romance writer, Barbara Bradley. She has taken on the challenge of answering five fun question for this Friday!

1. How are you going to celebrate Halloween?

My birthday is the day before so more than likely after handing out Halloween candy me and the hubby will go out to dinner and celebrate the anniversary of my ummm what number to pick so I don’t sound so old...40th? Birthday?

You know what they say: Life begins at 40, so party all night!

2. When someone cuts you off in traffic, how do you react? 

Oh that depends. Most of the time a few choice swear words and an evil look as I pass them before I shake it off.

3.  You’ve just been handed a one-way ticket to where? 

Ireland. I’ve always wanted to go there. See where my family came from. Study the rich history of the Emerald Isle.

4. If you could time-travel, where would your first stop be? 

I’d probably go see myself while I was in college. I had a chance to buy into HBO when it was young but didn’t. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to change that?

5. What is the one thing you hate to do? 

I hate doing laundry. The washing, the drying the putting away  - yuck! I have lots of clothes so I don’t have to do laundry that often.

Roger that!! Okay, readers, go buy some of Barbara's books so she can buy more clothes and never have to do laundry!! 

 Stolen Desire by Barbara Donlon Bradley
Released July, 2014 from Phaze Books
Sci-fi Romance, Paranormal/Shifters


When Heather is confronted with her time traveling self she fears the worse. The woman came to warn them of a terrible accident but something isn’t right. The visitors her future self says are there to help only wants to kidnap her and kill her mate.
Using her mind she tries to protect her friends and family. Yet she wakes up as a prisoner after seeing the ship Storm is in blow up. She is now alone, and trapped. Somehow she has to figure out a way home and hopefully reverse all the horrible things that have taken her family from her.


Heather sighed as she opened her eyes and stretched. Before she could move she felt a warm hand on her breast.
“I see you’re awake.” Storm’s breath brushed against her cheek.
She looked up at her mate, who had a knowing smile on his face. “And I see you are awake too.” She was referring to the erection pressed against her hip.
“True, but I can’t help it when I have such a wonderful partner lying beside me.” Storm nibbled against her throat. “We still have time before we need to be anywhere.”
“Why didn’t you wake me earlier?” She smiled as he settled himself between her thighs. “You could have had all the time you want if you had.”
“Because the twins aren’t allowing you to get enough sleep yet. I don’t mind watching you sleep when I know you need it. It gives me time to appreciate having you in my life.” He dipped his head to her mark. “And waking you up this way is an anticipation I look forward to. I don’t mind stretching that out a little.”
“Because you know what will happen when I wake.”
“That is the best part.”
She felt him smile against her neck as he pulled the soft tissue of her mark into his mouth before he worked his way down her body.
“You are incorrigible.”
“And that is why I’m your heart.” His tongue lathed her nipple before drawing the tip into his mouth. She arched up against him and he slipped his hands under her.
A growl escaped him when they were interrupted by the computer system. “Heather, you have a communiqué from Admiral Barrister.”
She sighed again. This time in frustration. What did he want now?
“The last time he contacted us you ended up being whipped.” Storm blew against the tip before he climbed back up her body. “I’m inclined to not let you answer him.”
“Storm, I’m still part of Earth’s security.” She looked up at him, his face only inches above hers. “I can’t ignore him.”