Monday, September 1, 2014

Got Errors? Proofreading Can Help

Right now, I am in the proofreading stage, but I do have two readers who are proofing for me. I am one of those people who can't resist editing when I'm reading through the manuscript. And, prior to this, a professional proofreader had gone over it. After this round, I'm going send it off to be formatted immediately if I can find someone to pry it out of my hands.

If you'd like to know more about how to proofread and get some great tips, check out Jaye's great blog post on the subject.
From E Book=Real Books  JW Manus Blog
The Proof is in the Proofreading
quinnproofMy biggest gripe with ebooks is a lack of proofreading. (Trad pubs are the worst offenders–isn’t anybody at least giving the ebooks a quick scan before putting them up for sale? Judging by the multiple dumb errors and piss-poor formatting, I’d say the answer is no.)
When I produce an ebook I have two hard and fast rules, Number One: squeaky clean text going into production. Number Two: the ebook must be proofread post-production. I charge people to proofread their ebooks for them, and a lot of clients take me up on it, but I’m more than happy for the writer to do it him/herself or hire a third party. I even make it easy for them by providing a markup document and instructions (since they can’t make changes in the ebook itself).
Even though proofreading is essential, some would like to argue that they can skip it. They’ve already polished the manuscript to a high gloss, even had a professional editor have a crack at it, and, in some cases I’m sure, they are sick to death of that particular project and want to get on to something else. I get that. Been there. Even so, it’s part of being a publisher and it must be done.
Before I continue, let me explain what proofreading is NOT:
  • It’s not copy-editing
  • It’s not line-editing
  • It’s not editing at all
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Have a great Labor Day holiday! 

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Donna said...

I've read some books by noted authors that made me want to throw the book away because of all the spelling errors,alone!! You would think they cared enough about their product to simply proof it! Geez...