Friday, September 19, 2014

Learn to Quit: From Kristen Lamb's blog

Happy Friday! I'm posting a snippet that I loved from Kristen Lamb's blog post: Want to Reach New Heights as a Writer? Learn to QUIT
My Life Changed When I Changed the Quitters in My Company
It all started with the DFW Writer’s Workshop. I attended and met people living the life I wanted to have…the life of a professional writer. They were the same as me, and yet very different. When I attended my first conference, I found myself being pushed to yet a higher level.
I met and stalked Candy Havens. Candy is an excellent quitter. She wrote her first bad book and didn’t spend the next six years trying to resurrect it. She sought training and experts and moved forward. She quit outside hobbies and friends that took away from her goal of becoming a professional author.
Theresa Ragan was rejected by traditional publishers for over twenty years. She finally self-published and has now sold hundreds of thousands of books. NY tried to offer her a contract and she turned them down. 
I turned in a hundred page proposal for Rise of the Machines—Human Authors in a Digital World in the summer of 2011 to a premiere agent, a DREAM agent. But, after NY ignoring it for over two years? I thanked my agent for his efforts and published it myself. We need to always be moving forward, and sometimes pressing on requires letting go. We can’t grab hold of the new if we are hanging on to the old.
If something isn’t working QUIT. Move on! If we have to defend and justify what we are doing there’s something wrong.
Read Kristen Lamb's entire post HERE. It is worth taking the time to read the entire post. Plus you might want to print it out and hanging up where you can see it every day. 
Remember sometimes you have to quit to move forward!  Have a great weekend! 

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