Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I did wear some green today! I would have loved to find a four-leaf clover but I had no time to look for one. I did take a photo of my forsythia bush, which is always the first thing to bloom in my yard. It is like the first sign of spring and it's in full bloom now.

 What I did get done was my taxes. They are filed via Turbo Tax and have been accepted by the IRS. So, that is out of the way for this year. Yay!!!

The WIP is stalled. I've got to do a major overhaul of the upcoming scene and I will need some time to think through exactly how to play it out. Such is the problems that come up when you make major changes in a story. It has a ripple effect all the way through the book. My goal this week is to figure out how to rewrite the scene, outline it and hopefully get to write it next weekend.

Right now, I am having to recover from watching Walking Dead. This episode was even more suspenseful than last week. I'm eager to see how things are going to end up this season. The writers are doing a great job!  They know how to make you hold your breath!  A friend who sends me text messages during the show sent me one saying she was having chest pain. Me, too!  Every writer should strive to get such an emotional reaction to a story. I'll have to do a post on that someday.

I always hate this time of the week because tomorrow is Monday and I have to go to a job that pays the bills but is one of the most depressing places ever. I think if someone told me I never had to go back there, I would wail with complete joy.  Have you ever been stuck in a place like that?

Well, frankly my dear, it could be worse. That's what I tell myself every day and it does help!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stuff Needs To Go

Today was a wonderful warm spring day and I've tried to get a ton of stuff done. I plan to clear out the storage shed and I've been compiling stuff in the dining room for a yard sale. Maybe. I haven't had a yard sale in years and I know I won't be having one like my characters in The Yard Sale. But, it is time to part with some things that I no longer need or use.

I am now a believer in getting rid of your stuff before you die. I didn't realize what a sad job it is to go through a person's belongings after they passed away. Now I know what that is like. There is no way to get rid of everything you have and I don't think you should get rid of anything that is special to you, but don't hold on to it for future generations. They already have stuff themselves and chances are they will have no room or desire for family heirlooms. A woman I worked with decided to sell the china and crystal which had been in her family for years because she was downsizing to an apartment and her kids didn't want it.

It is easier to keep "less" clean, too. I am also going to downsize the writing stuff I have accumulated. I have already done some of that, but I have more to do. I have a feeling this may be a Good Will summer!

Besides the chores, I also worked on my WIP revisions. I have some thinking to do on the upcoming black moments. Some changes will have to be made and I hope to work on that tomorrow.

I also changed up my blog this past week. I decided to make the blog more of a journal and a blog that reflects my opinions rather than some sort of marketing site. I surely have never been an essay writer and really I want to spend my writing time on my fiction. Maybe, years from now, I'll look back on this journal and smile and remember (if I still can) what fun I had.

Frankly, my dear, that is as good as it gets.