Monday, January 28, 2013

Who's Watching You? Webcam Hacking

If your laptop has a webcam, it can be hacked. In fact, according to some sources, it is simple for a hackers to access your webcam once your computer is infected. So, the number one rule is do not open ANY email or attachments from anyone you don't know no matter what.

Once your webcam is hacked, the hacker can use to view your family, your activities, your children. The hacked webcam feeds back to the hacker. This can be done as long as your webcam has a visual. You won't be aware that you are being watched or filmed for that matter.

A few things you can do to prevent spying is close the lid of your laptop when not in use, tape a piece of felt or something opaque over the lens, make sure you unplug a portable webcam when not in use.

This link will take you to a report on webcam predators shown on the Today Show: Click:

Also from the tech guys at Hellbound Bloggers, here is an entertaining how-to post on the subject:

Actually, I don't have a webcam attached to my computer, but I figured if I did and it got hacked, the first thing the hacker would say, "Oh, hell, let me turn this off!"  :)

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Pat Trainum writing as Patricia Bradley said...

wow! That's scary. thanks for the misinformation.