Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The winner of the drawing for the gift card is Virginia Kelly!   
Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween night! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday Oct 28 & Gift Card Giveway!!

Welcome! This Sunday's snippet is from my short story, "The Yard Sale." It features the arrival of the town gossip, Theodora, who has some interesting info about Jennifer's ex-husband's girlfriend.

For the past six months, "The Yard Sale" has been on Amazon's Top 100 Best Seller list in Comedy and was recently included in their newsletter as a suggested buy. In celebration of this little milestone, I'm giving away a $10 Amazon gift card. Just leave a comment to be entered into the drawing on Halloween!

Here's the snippet:

It was one of those melt-in-your-mouth biscuits filled with country sausage that had come from Buddy’s favorite eating-place, Skinner’s Truck Stop and Restaurant, where bigger had been better since 1950 and cholesterol didn’t count.
As I finished my breakfast, a gleaming red Cadillac pulled up to the curb.
“Oh, crap,” snorted Gail. “It’s the Gossip Queen.”
Theodora Mae Trussler, who was my father’s third cousin, climbed out of the Cadillac. Twenty years ago, Theodora had been the third runner-up to Miss Mississippi and snagged herself a banker. 

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To all the witches and goblins out there, Wednesday is THE DAY.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Journey

I'm sharing some of the photos I took today when a friend and I headed north on the Natchez Trace toward Nashville. The Natchez Trace is an old Indian trail that cut through the wilderness at the turn of the 1800's. It connected Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi. Andrew Jackson used it when his army returned home from New Orleans in 1815.

Now, the Trace is a federal parkway. There are no electrical lines bordering the parkway and half the time you don't have cell service. Also there are no stores, restaurants or other commercial facilities along the Trace. No 18-wheelers either.

We picked the perfect day for a leisurely trip down this historical road. The weather was beautiful and the autumn colors awesome!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday Oct 21 The Yard Sale

The fall is a great time for a yard sale. There were dozens of them this weekend, so I decided to post a snippet from my short story, The Yard Sale, available now on Amazon for 99 cents. This snippet featuring the main character, Jennifer, is a little bit on the serious side but, overall, "The Yard Sale" is a fun story with a happy ending. 

The men, who’d arrived in the F-150, bought an old computer desk, an armchair, and a chest of drawers. I made my first hundred dollars on that sale. As Early Birds continued to make purchases, I took in bills, gave back change, and I did each transaction with a big smile.

But, to be honest, this yard sale was the culmination of my shattered life.

Amid the possessions I had for sale were wedding gifts, vacation souvenirs, and birthday presents from Clint. The past seven years of my failed marriage surrounded me

Also, I'm posting the alternative cover for "The Yard Sale," which is a favorite of mine. If you would like to discover other authors, check out . Some snippets may not suitable for all ages.

10 days to Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From Country Living: Halloween Decorating Ideas

This one was my favorite!  Terrific set of ghosts made out of wedding belles, decorated with black construction paper and cheesecloth. Check out this link:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday Oct 14 Almost An Outlaw

Darlene, Richie and Tommy Ray are taking a break this week. I decided to pick a few lines from my western romance novella, Almost An Outlaw, that features the hero, a former Missouri guerrilla captain during the Civil War, who has returned to Liberty in search of a stolen horse and he is reunited with his childhood sweetheart and her cousin, Jesse James. 

He rarely went to saloons nowadays. He didn’t like gambling, and there was always the chance some fool was going to call him out. He had done enough killing to last a lifetime. The great passions that had driven him during the war had faded. He was no longer the avenger who rode under a black flag. The fury and the hatred were gone, leaving him with nothing.

For more information about the story and buy clicks, click:

To find more authors and read their snippets, go to  There is a wide variety available. Note: some snippets may not be suitable for all ages. 

Have a great Sunday!  To all the Walking Dead fans, tonight's the night!!!  Can't wait.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Doo Wah Diddy: The Magic of Music

I'm listening to Oldies on Pandora and they just played Doo Wah Diddy. That old song is fun and lively and guaranteed to lift your spirits. I think that is the great thing about music. It has such power over the emotions. It can make you smile or break your heart.

For me, listening to music is a part of life. I listen to music when I drive, when I clean house, when I write. Music is memories. Certain songs will bring back the past.  All of us have songs that we loved in our teen years, in our twenties and so on. There are even songs that we hope will be played at our funerals.

For writing, I love instrumental music, which forms something of a soundtrack for the story I'm writing at the time. Music always triggers my imagination so I usually turn the music on first. This is during the creative phase of the story. When I let the magic of the music help create the story. Many times, during the revision process, I don't have any music playing because I'm actually listening to the words now. I don't think I've ever written anything without music. It is an integral part of my process. Music is part of what transports me to the story world.

Even if I didn't write, I would still listen to music every chance I got. I would still sing and dance and celebrate that I live in a world where music fills the air. We are blessed!

So click below to listen to Manfred Mann and have some fun bopping around the room, singing doo wah diddy diddy dum did do...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Oct 7

Happy Halloween Month!

I decided to do another snippet from a WIP featuring Darlene. She hopes a passing motorist would offer help getting her car started. She and Tommy Ray are walking down the deserted road into town for help when a weird guy in a rusty truck stops and warns them about what is ahead. 

      “This here ain’t the road to Tupelo.” He shifted gears in the old rattletrap. “It’s the road to hell."
         I stuck my middle finger in the air as he drove away, smoke rolling out of the truck's tailpipe.  "You need to take your bug-eyed, lunatic self to the insane asylum at Whitfield," I shouted.
         "Darlene, if this is the road to hell, maybe we best turn around," Tommy Ray said.

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