Saturday, September 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 9/30

Decided to use another snippet from my current WIP, "Haints in Hollywood." This one features Darlene and Richie again. They are on the road. Richie is driving, Tommy Ray is asleep on the passenger's side and Darlene is in the backseat of her '49 Dodge, feeling wired over her good fortune.

            I splayed my fingers over the money in the bottom of my purse and let out a whoop.
Richie glanced in the rear-view mirror. “You okay?”
            “I wish there was a roadhouse around here. I could tear up a dance floor right now.”
            “We ain’t stopping at no roadhouses cause every time me and Tommy Ray go to one of them places, we get our asses kicked.”

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Declaration of Independence For Writers

Last Friday, the fearless Joe Konrath posted his overall sales figures that include all his legacy published books and his ebooks. He writes about sale figures, profits and royalties. I've found he writes about things you never hear discussed at writer's meetings. As always, Joe is entertaining and informative. I'm not much of a blog reader nor blogger for that matter, but I never miss Joe's posts. You can check out his post on sales and royalties, plus his Declaration of Independence for Writers here:

"If you are thinking about signing an ebook-only deal with a publisher, crunch the numbers first."~Joe Konrath   

I wish I had known about Joe a few years ago. I have learned more from his blog than I have any other writing source period. And, that includes years of reading Writer's magazine, Writer's Digest, various books on writing, of being an RWA member as well as being part of other writers groups, attending writing meetings and conferences.

What I love about Joe (besides his sarcastic wit) is that he dishes out the truth, take it or leave it. He doesn't 'pretty-up' this business and there's no wading through BS.

"As authors, we're so damn needy we usually accept whatever we're offered. We're afraid that if we don't take the offer, we won't get published."~Joe Konrath, Post on Contract Negotiation.

How sad but true.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 9-23 Darlene is back!

Hey, I remembered to sign up this week and I'm posting a snippet from my WIP, Haints in Hollywood, which features Darlene, Richie and Tommy Ray from "Laid to Rest." In this story, they get stranded in a haunted house and Darlene has to tangle with some unfriendly spirits. The snippet is from the beginning where their car breaks down at night on a lonely road that leads to a Mississippi ghost town called Hollywood.

Darlene and Tommy Ray are going to walk into town and Richie is staying behind with car. Darlene lets him know about her guns

     “Oh, if you need it, there’s a sawed-off shotgun and a box of shells under the front seat."
            “You gotta a shotgun in the car?” Richie asked, his eyes wide like he'd never heard of such.
            “Sure I do. I also have a rifle in the trunk and a thirty-eight special in here.” I patted my red vinyl purse with affection. “I’m American.”

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Beautiful Day To Begin Autumn 2012

Today has been a beautiful day. I sat outside in the shade for a while this morning and did nothing but enjoy the breeze. Last Saturday I was in New Orleans, strolling around the French Quarters. It was a good trip, despite the oppressive heat. I was happy that I got to see the places I had on my research list. For me, it helped me visualize my story setting better. We did eat at some great restaurants. I fell in love with beignets and I am going to try to make some from the mix I bought. I may post about that experiment. I did get some pralines, too.  My heroine in Lady Silver loves pralines. She is not alone!  They are so good but very rich so I usually can only eat a little at a time.  I am going to include a few of my New Orleans photos with this post:
St. Louis Cathedral, Ursuline Convent, Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, Mississippi River Walk, Napoleon House,
French Quarters, Chalmette Battlefield, Jackson Square Artists.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Going to New Orleans!

I have let blogging slide lately. Mainly because I've been doing a lot of writing. Got a new Darlene story going and I'm getting ready for a trip to New Orleans.

The trip to New Orleans precedes the release of my historical romance, Lady Silver, which is set in New Orleans.  I love stories set in New Orleans. There is something so mythical and romantic about the French Quarters, and it does lend itself to romance, adventure and history. To me, that is a great combination.

While I'm there I hope to take a paddle-wheel cruise to the site of the battle of New Orleans. In Lady Silver, the hero, Captain Jesse Cross, fights in that battle, so I am looking forward to walking where he would have walked.

I think that is the exciting thing about writing a story in a place where you can go and be where your characters could have been. This holds true for the French Market and Jackson Square, locations where scenes unfold in my book.

Do you love to go places where the characters you read about or write about might have been?

If all goes well, I'll be back Sunday night. I'm sure I'll be exhausted but ready to get back to writing.

I hope you have a great week!