Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Going to New Orleans!

I have let blogging slide lately. Mainly because I've been doing a lot of writing. Got a new Darlene story going and I'm getting ready for a trip to New Orleans.

The trip to New Orleans precedes the release of my historical romance, Lady Silver, which is set in New Orleans.  I love stories set in New Orleans. There is something so mythical and romantic about the French Quarters, and it does lend itself to romance, adventure and history. To me, that is a great combination.

While I'm there I hope to take a paddle-wheel cruise to the site of the battle of New Orleans. In Lady Silver, the hero, Captain Jesse Cross, fights in that battle, so I am looking forward to walking where he would have walked.

I think that is the exciting thing about writing a story in a place where you can go and be where your characters could have been. This holds true for the French Market and Jackson Square, locations where scenes unfold in my book.

Do you love to go places where the characters you read about or write about might have been?

If all goes well, I'll be back Sunday night. I'm sure I'll be exhausted but ready to get back to writing.

I hope you have a great week!


BECKY said...

Sounds wonderful, Pat! Have a great time. When you get back, you'll see I "tagged" you for a writerly blog post! :)

Patricia Preston said...

Thanks for stopping by, Becky. I'll check out the tag.