Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Declaration of Independence For Writers

Last Friday, the fearless Joe Konrath posted his overall sales figures that include all his legacy published books and his ebooks. He writes about sale figures, profits and royalties. I've found he writes about things you never hear discussed at writer's meetings. As always, Joe is entertaining and informative. I'm not much of a blog reader nor blogger for that matter, but I never miss Joe's posts. You can check out his post on sales and royalties, plus his Declaration of Independence for Writers here: http://bit.ly/PlDxGV

"If you are thinking about signing an ebook-only deal with a publisher, crunch the numbers first."~Joe Konrath   

I wish I had known about Joe a few years ago. I have learned more from his blog than I have any other writing source period. And, that includes years of reading Writer's magazine, Writer's Digest, various books on writing, of being an RWA member as well as being part of other writers groups, attending writing meetings and conferences.

What I love about Joe (besides his sarcastic wit) is that he dishes out the truth, take it or leave it. He doesn't 'pretty-up' this business and there's no wading through BS.

"As authors, we're so damn needy we usually accept whatever we're offered. We're afraid that if we don't take the offer, we won't get published."~Joe Konrath, Post on Contract Negotiation.

How sad but true.

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