Saturday, July 28, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday July 29 The Baby Doctor

This week I decided to go romantic with a snippet from a contemporary romance I'm revising. This is the one that involves an abandoned baby, a doctor who hopes to gain custody of the baby and, of course, the baby's aunt who plans to raise him as her son. This is "first sight" for the hero, Aaron. The heroine is taking a drink from the water fountain at the hospital.

Disconcerted, he realized he had been staring at her as well as inhaling the sensual fragrance she wore. Amid the sterile medicinal scent of the hospital, she smelled like lush tropical flowers, beckoning him to escape. He moved quickly to the fountain to make it look as if that was why he had stopped in the first place. She walked away and disappeared into the ladies' room. 
            Suddenly, he was thirsty. He shoved down the button on the stainless steel cooler and cold water shot out the spout, splattering the lower half of his face.

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S. J. Maylee said...

Poor guy, laugh out loud, he's all wet.
The intro you gave about this story makes me want to cry. But's a happy ending, right, right!

Patricia Preston said...

SJ: They go through a lot before things work out.

K.E. Saxon said...

LOL! Love how befuddled he is by her. Great six!

Veronica Scott said...

A very true to life scene - doesn't the water from the fountain ALWAYS splash you in the face just when you want to be cool and suave? LOL! Great six, can't wait to read more on *this* plot!

Amy said...

Yep! He's definitely affected! Very vivid six!

Sarah Ballance said...

Perfect ending to this! I love a man who's gobsmacked. (And wet. LOL!)