Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where My Stories Are Born

Every writer has a place to write. It's great to have a room to devote to writing and I am fortunate to have that. I turned one of the bedrooms into a writing room many years ago. I don't go online or do anything else in this room except for writing, research, outlining. I'm not in there now. I have a separate office for the online computer and business stuff. My writing room is the creative room and it does help to have a specific area, even if it is just a corner with an old computer, as your writing space. Your brain will tap into that. Your muse will know it is time to show up because we are now in the writing space.

This is especially good in the first draft phase. I often revise other places but for the first and second drafts, I am in my writing space. I do use an old computer. Up until a few months ago, I'd been using a computer I'd had for years and the video card went out. So, I had an old laptop that I now use as a CPU and it is working fine for now. I don't have any internet access on the writing computer. It would be too easy for me to stop and say I need to look some fact up. Next thing you know you are checking email or Facebook. Without internet access, I would have to stop and get up and go to another room, so I don't do that. I keep on writing, simply making note of what I need to check. That keeps my muse flowing. 

A couple of my favorite things are large bulletin board and an old blue recliner. My bulletin board isn't cluttered now but when I'm in the middle of a project, it will be filled with notes, outlines, maps, etc.  

I can't remember when I bought the blue recliner. It seems like I have had it forever. I love to sit in it, listen to music and scribble story notes. I wish I had a dollar for every scene I've outlined sitting in this chair! $$$$

 For me, this is simple room is one fun place to be!


Donna said...

Thanks for the tour Pat! Looking forward to Many more stories coming out of that room!!!

Patricia Preston said...

Thanks, Donna. I hope to get some work done this weekend.