Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sat Sample from Almost An Outlaw June 3

From my novella, Almost An Outlaw, this is a sample from a scene with the heroine, Darcy, who has talking to Austin about her husband's death and the guilt she feels. 

“Stephen lived a few minutes. Long enough for me to tell him I was sorry. And I’ve apologized every day since then. I know they did wrong too, but I should have handled the situation differently. If I had, they would still be alive.”

In some ways, Austin understood how she felt. “I wasn’t home the night my mother was killed. I went on a five-year rampage, trying to settle the score and make myself feel better.” He took off his gun belt, put it on the dresser and walked over to the washstand. “I’ve learned guilt is just a way of punishing yourself. It serves no good purpose.”

As he splashed water on his face, he heard the rustle of her skirts as she got to her feet. He mopped his face with a towel as he glanced her way. She stood with her back to him, looking out the window again. Blonde curls trailed down her back and her bottom was hidden beneath a protrusion of silk ruffles and pleats. Topping off her bustle was a wide black bow.

He grinned as he admired the big bow riding high on her hips. She was like a pretty package. A gift all wrapped up in black. He wanted to unwrap her. Slowly.

“Storm’s coming,” she remarked quietly when a distant flash of light illuminated the dark horizon.

As far as he was concerned, the storm was already here.

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Elaine Cantrell said...

Love your pretty package thought.

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Very tempting snippet! I'm curious about what will happen next between these two. Thanks for sharing.


Sherry Gloag said...

Love your writing voice, and this sentence in particular - “I’ve learned guilt is just a way of punishing yourself. It serves no good purpose.”

Thanks too, for visiting my blog. :-0

Sandy Nachlinger said...

I'm wondering what happened with her husband, and his mother too. It sounds like he's coming to terms with his guilt. And I love your ending sentences, comparing his feelings to the storm. Great sample.

Patricia Preston said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. Appreciate them.

Lindsay said...

Love that last line and how it fits with his gazing at her

Marsha Ward said...

What a great snippet! Thanks for letting us peer in at these two.