Friday, June 1, 2012

If You Hate Cooking Now....

Just think of what it would be like if you had to slave over this sucker. And generations of women did have to cook on such beauties until electric stoves arrived in the early 1900's. The small top door beside the oven is the fire box where you put your wood in the stove. The bottom is an ash bin. Your wood burned on grates and the ashes fell into a metal drawer that you would have to empty regularly. The burning wood heated up the iron stove, along with the cook, I'm sure. You had six trivets on top so you could have six dishes cooking at the same time. Plus the oven was small, the door extremely heavy, and you had to watch your fire so that you didn't overheat the stove and burn your food. The stove had to have a flue pipe to vent the smoke and this one also helped heat the bread warmers. Can you imagine cooking Thanksgiving dinner on this?

So the next time you face your modern stove with a self-cleaning oven and instant heat at the touch of a button, take a moment to be grateful. Then, you can pop a frozen dinner in the microwave.

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