Thursday, February 9, 2012

From The Past: Pen Pals

Did you ever have a pen pal? This week I got a pen pal letter from Becky Povich. She had done a post on her blog about writing letters. That has become almost extinct. Becky mentioned having pen pals in her letter. I was thinking of how I had pen pals dating back to my school years. It took me a while to remember it, but there used to be a pen pal column for kids in the Memphis paper. During my middle grade years, I wrote several different kids. 

Becky said in her letter that she found pen pals in magazines and I can remember that, too. But I don't remember which magazines. However, some lasting friendships were born. One of my first pen pals, Nancy Bulk, was a friend for over twenty plus years. During that time span, she became a writer and wrote under the pen name, Dee Holmes. Every Christmas, I got a gift from her. She never missed a Christmas. Nancy passed away in 2010. Some others drifted away as many friends do and we lost touch. But, I do still hear from Mary Bevis. Are you reading this, Mary?  Mary wrote me stacks of letters, which I think are in my attic now. I kept them and I hope to find them out when I clean out the attic this summer. I want to return them to her to keep for her grandchildren.  It will be like a history of her family's life! 

I miss getting letters. I miss looking forward to the postman stopping by with the mail. There's still anticipation of news when you get a letter. I can only imagine what it was like in the 1800's when letters were the only means of communication. Don't you know they were so excited when a letter arrived? Especially if it was from a sweetheart?

Do you miss getting personal letters in the mail? Do you miss the joy of opening an envelope address by hand to you? I do.  Thanks a lot, Becky.  I'm gonna write you back!


BECKY said...

Oh, Patricia, what a lovely post! A couple of my pen pals lasted for years, too. Unfortunately I didn't save any of their letters...or much of anything like that from my childhood. I sure wish I had some of those things now!

Patricia Preston said...

I hadn't thought about pen pals for ages until I got your note.

Marigold Lott said...

I'll write you a letter!!!!!!!!!

I've always kept all my letters. They are my treasures. My diamonds and pearls.

Great post.

Donna said...

I miss it as well....The younger generation has no idea what receiving one feels like!
How sad...
Happy weekend sweet friend!

Patricia Preston said...

Donna: Email is fast and easy but not the same.

Marigold: I will be waiting for your letter!

Reina said...

Thanks for this post! My grandparents and I used to exchange letters and postcards, as did a few friends during college. Mail isn't much fun anymore! Mostly we're down to Christmas cards.