Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting It Together for 2012

I have spent the past month or longer cleaning out the office and the writing room. The rest of the house I go through regularly and reorganize but I had put off those rooms because I knew it was going to be a hell of a job. Especially since I had not gone through all the stuff I'd amassed in several years. So after I finished up Lady Silver, I decided to take out a chunk of time and get it done.

Before I got started, I bought a box of the sturdy black 30-gallon garbage bags and they sure came in handy!

I've made so many trips to Goodwill, they know my car when I pull up to the donation door!  All in all, it took a while and a lot of joint pain but I love the end result. I actually found a lot of things I forgot I had and I have an idea of where things are now. Plus I can actually open the closet door and see what is inside instead of a big pile of who-knows-what. Yay! I could never be a hoarder.

Today has been clean up the computer plus my various spots online.  I redid my Twitter profile. And I've done some work on this blog. I started to change the header and the colors but Photoshop is the program from hell, so I decided to leave well enough alone. Several people had told me they love the "girl in the tub" image and I've always liked her, too. So she gets to stay for now. I did revamp my pages and sidebars. I've got some really good blogs to visit on the sidebar.  I got on Facebook and what I wanted to do was merge my personal Facebook into the Facebook Author Page. I only want one presence on Facebook. I think I screwed that up. I don't think you can merge, but my author page is still there and functional.  I wish I had only done a Page to begin with but I didn't know that much about Facebook last year.  Google is coming out with a new thing, like Google Page, which may send Facebook the way of My Space. No regrets on my part.

So, I'm finally getting caught up with everything. Now, I've got to come up with a way to stay caught up when there never seems to be enough hours in a day.


Donna said...

I'm one of those people who Love the girl in the tub!Hahaa...
I also REALLY need to clean out my computer room as well...geeeez!
Happy week to you friend!

Patricia Preston said...

Thanks, Donna. I'll keep the girl in the tub. I'm glad to be getting caught up.

Reina said...

Congrats on finishing Lady Silver and new year cleaning! :)
Thanks for the tweet about my giveaway--I am not a big fan of FB or Twitter and so only use them for my other (unpublished) pen name. I like Goodreads and YT and have hopes for Google Plus. :) All best in 2012--hope I'll get to put Lady Silver in my to-read list soon!