Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Five Reasons To Visit Your Local Library

When I got off work today, I decided to stop by the library, which is only a few blocks from the historic downtown area where I work. I had no particular reason for going there except that I didn't have any reason to rush home and the library is one of my favorite places. At one time, I worked as a librarian in a tiny, rural library and, to this day, that was a my favorite job. (By the way, the photo is not of my local library. I only wish...)

Several years ago, things were looking bleak for libraries. People weren't going to the libraries like they had in previous decades. Less traffic in a library means less funds are allocated to that library, which means less new books and equipment.  So libraries began to dwindle.  Many times I had my choice of parking spaces. Few were taken and there might be 2 people inside.

Then came a rebirth for our library. No, people suddenly didn't turn off the TV and start reading again like they had the first half of the century.  What changed?  Well, a recession happened for one thing. People started borrowing books instead of buying them. Also the library added audio books, videos, which they still have VHS and now a large collection of DVD's they loan out. Many of the titles are recent as a lot of these items are donated to the library.  Patrons are now borrowing DVDs instead of renting them. You have to get there early to get the newer titles.

And, now, the most popular library offering is access to computers with high-speed internet, plus free wi-fi inside and outside the library. I can't say for certain but it appears the library traffic has tripled. There is always cars in the parking lots. Sometimes it is full.  Inside, there is someone at every computer station. Some people are at library tables working on their laptops. There are people reading the newspapers and magazines while some, like me, are looking at the books on display. All in all, it is great to go and see the library continues to provide the community with a great service.  Your tax dollars are put to good use when they support a library.

Here are my 5 reasons why you should go to the library:
1. It is still a quiet place. It will give your nerves a rest.
2. You can improve yourself.  Just browse around and see what you can learn, even from the exhibits.
3. You can get great bargains on used books for sale and donated magazines are often free.
4. Check out the special activities offered by the library. You may make some new friends.
5.  You can save $$$. Borrow and return faithfully.  Plus remember your library when you are ready to get rid of some books or movies


Donna said...

Thanks for the reminder! I think I'll need to fill out papers for a new card but it Would be nice to go enjoy the old newspaper stacks again. Use to love doing that!

Patricia Preston said...

Get your card renewed, Donna!