Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Rocks!

I love Friday. It is the short day at work and we can wear jeans. Plus the weekend follows and I live for the weekends. Plus, Supernatural is on tonight! I'm loving this season. Last season was my least favorite as they got away from what made this series really good in the beginning, which was the monster hunting and the family dynamics. It appears they are heading back that way as they have ancient monsters to hunt plus plenty of angst. I'm cooking pizza tonight and fellow fans, Leeann and Keith are coming over to see what happens to the Boys who were last seen in the back of ambulance.


Donna said...

I have never watched it...I know, just shoot me now...Hahaaa

Katherine Bone said...

Oh Dean! How can I express the truly enjoyable Alpha male you bring to Friday night tv? You are divine! And inspiration!