Saturday, September 10, 2011

Taking Time to Blog

I have let my poor blog fall by the wayside. Of course, this wasn't intentional but a matter of not having enough spare time to keep it up plus work on a book as well. As you can see from the photo, I have been busy on the book. Often times, this is how it looks in my writing room. It is clutter with reference books, notes, outlines, etc.. All kinds of stuff I drag out while I'm writing and, of course, I don't put them back. I do the same thing all over my house until the moment comes that it has to be straightened up. Then, woe be to me.

I do love writing and my current project, Lady Silver, has been great fun and a great headache. It was a short novella that I'm expanding. For me, when I start adding scenes, those changes ripple through the entire book. Plus I made some character changes. It has taken me longer than I thought it would, but I have taken my time and put a lot of effort into the polishing process.  It is already twice as long as it was originally.

Besides writing and working at the day job, I have been doing my fall cleaning. I called the Salvation Army last week and said "Bring your truck!". I'm not a hoarder. I am trying to downsize and get rid of junk I don't use any more, clothes I don't wear.  I took another load to Goodwill today including some books and VHS movies that I have on DVD now.  I have weeded through four rooms so far and I'm pleased with the result. Organization and de-cluttering always has a positive effect on me.  I will have to wait until I am finished with this book before I tackle the writing room. Cleaning out files and drawers will be a major job.  However, because I couldn't find anything yesterday, I had to stop and get everything cleaned up. I even got a roll of cork board at Lowe's that came in handy for posting notes.

It'll stay like that for a couple of days until I get going.  Also, I am hoping to get back to blogging regularly and I'm going to make my blog my homepage for motivation. More like a reminder. Of course, there's also Twitter, Facebook and other time sucks that simply have to wait if you are writing. What do you have to give up to write?


Reina said...

I think it's great that you've been writing. Really, all this social media gets me down only because I'm not one of those super-together people who can keep up with it and write and keep track of my life. When I am writing, something has to go--right now, it's keeping up with other's blogs...and I'm not writing! (Busy editing and taking care of back-to-school)I look forward to your new book! :)

*mb said...

As always, I'm jealous every time you have a clean office. Mine lasts all of about one day, and I've learned to find things more quickly that way! As for FB ~ couldn't do without my daily kids' updates. I try to update She Is at least once a month, I can't seem to do without the CC-gang :-)