Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday! The Big Day Is Here!

My favorite day has arrived and best of all, it is premiere night for Season 7 of Supernatural. This series is the only TV series that I make time to watch. I love the characters, Sam and Dean, and all their conflicts and disasters. The actors do a great job bringing them to life.

Tonight I'm have a Supernatural pizza party. A couple of Supernatural fans and friend of mine, Lee Ann and Keith are coming over. I'm making pizza and we are going to watch the last episode of Season 6 while we eat. Then pick up with the new show. Woo Hoo!


Katherine Bone said...

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" cries Sally. ;)

I love Sam and Dean and have been an avid watcher since Day One. We have the entire DVD set, except for Season 6. I'm getting that for LTC for Christmas.

The characters are so well created and acted superbly by Jensen & Jared. I've even used Jared Padalecki as the model for my hero Lord Percival Avery aka Thomas Sexton, pirate.

Love, Love, Love this show!!!

Patricia Preston said...

Honey, Sam is sooo fine and so is Dean.

Donna said...

Sorry to be late to the Party!! Where's MY slice??Hahaaa
Hope you had fun!