Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday's For Writers: Writer's Digest Short Story Competition

Writer's Digest Short Story Competition is now open and you have until November 15, 2011 to enter a short story of 1500 words.  Yes, just 1500 words!!!  And, if you win 1st place, you take home $3,000.00!  That's $2 a word!  Plus there's more cash prizes for placing in the contest.  Cost $20 to enter. Not bad at all.  So getting to writing. You have 4 months and no excuses!

You can find rules and FAQ on that page.  Plus consider subscribing while you are there.

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Kelly Boyce said...

I got my start in short stories and now I don't know how I ever wrote them. It seems so hard to encapsulate a story in such a short amount of space!