Thursday, July 21, 2011

Checking In July 21st

Just wanted to get my blog updated with a brief post.  I have been busy getting ready for a trip to Texas to see my son and his family.  I'm looking forward to seeing them and attending the twins' 1st birthday party but I do dread traveling in this heat, especially to Houston where it is a whole lot hotter than here!

Besides getting ready for the trip, I've spent my spare time writing as well as doing some research and reading when I felt like it.  A couple of days I felt like death-warmed-over.  I'm blaming that on the heat.

When I get back, I'm going to set up some goals for August. Wish me luck!  I took the photos on one of my trips to Houston.


Crystal said...

Have a wonderful time in Houston with your family! I was looking at the pictures of the twins you've posted on your site. They are beautiful! And I like the photos you've posted here, especially the angel. Stay as cool as you can and enjoy!

Donna said...

Enjoy the trip!!
And try to keep cool...It'll be 104 today!