Thursday, July 21, 2011

Checking In July 21st

Just wanted to get my blog updated with a brief post.  I have been busy getting ready for a trip to Texas to see my son and his family.  I'm looking forward to seeing them and attending the twins' 1st birthday party but I do dread traveling in this heat, especially to Houston where it is a whole lot hotter than here!

Besides getting ready for the trip, I've spent my spare time writing as well as doing some research and reading when I felt like it.  A couple of days I felt like death-warmed-over.  I'm blaming that on the heat.

When I get back, I'm going to set up some goals for August. Wish me luck!  I took the photos on one of my trips to Houston.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slaw Dogs for Supper

In this part of the country, a slaw dog is a hot dog with coleslaw and mustard on the bun.  I always thought slaw dogs were like universal until I went to Texas.  In Houston, I went with my son's pals to a restaurant where the speciality was hot dogs.  They had all kinds of hot dogs.  So I asked for a slaw dog, assuming if you ran an eating place catering to hot dogs, you would have slaw.  They acted like they had never heard of slaw.

Here, everybody knows what you mean when you say slaw dog. Back in the day, our drive-in movie theater was famous for its slaw dogs. They were delicious and every time we went, we always got slaw dogs.  So, every summer, I usually treat myself to a slaw dog.  Except now, the hot dog is actually a turkey dog with only 40 calories and fat free.  They are easy and fast to make.  No having to heat up the kitchen.

Speaking of heat, we are in the midst of deep summer.  It's a 110 in the shade.  From what they said on the news, most of the country is baking. Take care if you are outside doing anything.  Heat kills.

I'm staying in for the most part. July has been a good month so far.  My shoulder pain has improved a great deal and I'm taking care not to stress it by lifting.  Last Saturday night, my pal, Lee Ann, came over and we just relaxed, ate pizza and watched movie trailers on Flickster, plus an episode of Supernatural. And, tonight the finals for America's Got Talent begins.  Much to my disappointment, I don't really have a favorite this year.

I'm also reading and I really want to do some reviews when I get time.  I've read about 15 books in the last 2 months. Currently, I am finishing up Joanna Bourne's The Forbidden Rose and I have started The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry.  Both are very good books.  Very different. One is a romance and the other a fast-paced National Treasure type story.  I read across the board in fiction, not just one genre.  

I am currently working on the final draft of Lady Silver.  I love so much about it, the time period and the setting.  It keeps me working at the craft while I am making some decisions as to where I want to go with writing and that is another blog post in itself. 

Time to go chill out!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday's For Writers: Writer's Digest Short Story Competition

Writer's Digest Short Story Competition is now open and you have until November 15, 2011 to enter a short story of 1500 words.  Yes, just 1500 words!!!  And, if you win 1st place, you take home $3,000.00!  That's $2 a word!  Plus there's more cash prizes for placing in the contest.  Cost $20 to enter. Not bad at all.  So getting to writing. You have 4 months and no excuses!

You can find rules and FAQ on that page.  Plus consider subscribing while you are there.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 7-3-11 The Baby Left Behind

This week I am posting a snippet from one of my contemporary romances, The Baby Left Behind.  This is my second snippet with Dr. Aaron Kendall, who hopes to adopt the abandoned preemie and Jamie Sinclair, an image consultant, who is the baby's aunt. She promised her dying sister she would find the baby she left behind and raise him as her own.  From Chapter 2, they are on their way to the special care nursery.

          She considered telling him he could use some help in the image department.  Like a total personality makeover.  She could not imagine such an arrogant man taking care of babies.
             "Can you quit?" he asked as the elevator doors opened on third floor and she followed him down a hall where the walls were decorated with characters from nursery rhymes.
            "Quit what?" she asked.
            "Your job making people look good."

Check out the other writers participating this Sunday at or #sixsunday on Twitter.

Happy 4th of July!  Have a safe holiday and I appreciate all your comments! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Haunted Heart by Carolyn Rosewood. Congrats, Carolyn!

I met Carolyn when I attended the Music City RWA chapter meeting in Nashville and she also participates in 6 Sentence Sunday. She has a new romantic suspense novel coming out today and below is the details. Check out her website for more information about her and her books.


Rowena Sommers thought moving back home to restore her beloved Aunt’s home was the key to starting over. Van Whitney thought taking the job would keep his business afloat. When a ghost hunter tries to convince Rowena the home is haunted, can these two escape the past and find a future together?