Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wednesday's for Writers: Missouri Review Fiction Contest Win $5K

The Missouri Review's Jeffery E Smith Editor's Prize in Fiction, Essay and Poetry Contest is now open to submissions.  The top prize for fiction is $5000.00.  The same is true for poetry and non-fiction.  That $5,000.00 prize has made me think seriously about getting Laid To Rest polished up and submitted.  I do have time.  The deadline is October 1, 2011 and the entry fee is $20.  The entry fee entitles you to a one-year subscription to The Missouri Review. A fiction story submission consists of no more than 25 pages.  So, if you have a great story and I know you do, think about entering this contest.  For details: go here to the Missouri Review website.


BECKY said...

Wow, awesome! Thanks for sharing, Patricia!

Reina said...

I hope you enter and win, Patricia! Keep us posted. :)

Marigold Lott said...

Very good. I'll look at that. Up early.