Friday, June 10, 2011

Making the Most of Time

Time has gotten away from me this month! I have been contending with a shoulder injury and joint injuries are painful. But, after steroid meds and such, it has improved a lot. I am hoping it stays on the mend.

Summer is definitely here and I am not complaining. After a brutal winter, I swore I wouldn't complain about the heat. I'm waiting for locally-grown veggies to be sold at the farmer's market. Home-grown tomatoes. That is what summer is all about.

For the first time in over a year, I feel I am turning the corner on the depression that has plagued me. During my lifetime, I have dealt with a number of hardships and kept right on going. I have to do that now as well. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my friends, who have been so supportive and encouraging. I did lose one of those friends to a sudden death three months ago and I will miss her always. But, I do keep in mind the encouraging words and notes she sent me. One thing she always advised was to find something each day to enjoy.  Her something was drinking a good cup of coffee.  I guess mine would be a great glass of iced sweet tea.  Or a chocolate truffle!

As I am trying to turn the page in my life, I am re-organizing, re-prioritizing and de-cluttering. I have a full-time job so the spare time that I have is limited and I want to spend that time doing things I love. Getting my writing projects finished, more books read and enjoying down time, watching a good movie or going out with pals. I have considered what I want to do with blogging and other internet activities.  What I enjoy doing online and also not letting the internet become a "time suck".  I like having a blog. I plan to try out a blogging schedule on Mon, Wed and Fridays.  Also Sundays for 6 Sentences and the other days, maybe book reviews.  Fridays I want to feature a friend because I have found they are essential to life. Wednesday is for writing, something regarding craft, market etc.  Monday is for me, just to recap my week for myself.  I like Twitter because it is quick and I try to make most of my tweets/retweets informational and not personal.  I can't imagine that anyone would care what I am going to cook for dinner!  I don't even care myself.

In closing, try to make the most of your time and find something every day to enjoy.


BECKY said...

Hi Pat. I'm so glad you are feeling better. I really liked this sentence: "During my lifetime, I have dealt with a number of hardships and kept right on going." I think many of us are like that, and then one day, it all finally adds up, and we finally feel the sadness, depression, etc. And for me, de-cluttering, re-organizing, and re-prioritizing are a HUGE help with my moods...WHEN I get around to doing them! :)
Have a wonderful weekend, and DO take time to do those things you enjoy! Hugs.

Patricia said...

Becky, I'm working on it. I've been trying to get the house cleaned up today. Such a mess. I did get out one of my pretty goblets and I'm having iced tea in it. One of my treats today. And Blogger still won't let me post with my login.

Donna said...

SO glad you're on the mend...It's hard when you loose someone you love. And time has it's Own way with us.
Summer always makes me want tomatoes too...Lolol
They just taste SO much better when they're fresh!
Have a peaceful weekend sweetie!

BECKY said...

Hi again, Pat! Having iced tea in a goblet sounds wonderful! That's my kind of life's little pleasures. As far as commenting....When you log in first, before you try to comment, do you make sure the box is unchecked that says, "keep me signed in" or something like that? Making sure that is unchecked has been the answer for many!

Patricia said...

Thanks, Becky! I will give that a try.

*mb said...

You're house is way too organized Kiddo! Is that "Sweet Tea"? I'm makin' mine with pink lemonade these days. You're a blessing and encouragement to so many ... I call that "making the most of your time" ... love you <3 ~ Mary