Monday, June 13, 2011

Made It Through Monday

The third week of June has rolled around. I had a productive weekend. I completed a couple of scenes of my WIP, Lady Silver. I just love this story, especially the setting. I'm glad my Six Sunday peeps were enthusiastic about it! That is great motivation! If you are working on a story, I encourage you to take advantage of Six Sentence Sunday. Sign ups start tomorrow. Now, if I can only remember that myself!!

I had some work done in my yard, trenching and dirt moved to help keep the water away from the house. With all that dirt, it tempted me to set out some plants. I thought this would make a great garden spot.  That inspiration only lasted a very short time when I considered the heat out there.  Much prefer to be inside where it is cool. 

I went to the library and picked up a few books.  One is an old book by Harnett Kane, who wrote a number of fiction and non-fiction titles set in the South. This one is about the Louisiana bayous. If you ever need to do research for a Southern setting, I definitely recommend digging around in the library for some of his books. Plus I got a couple more suspense novels by Tess Gerristen. I'm hooked on her characters.  And, I got a new non-fiction book about the romance between Andrew and Rachel Jackson called A Being So Gentle.   
The show that I watch every summer, America's Got Talent, is on tomorrow night. I guess what attracts me to it are the contestants, the good ones, who are pursuing their dreams. However, this season I have yet to find a favorite. For me, there hasn't been any true standout yet. But, the auditions aren't over!

The cutie in the picture is a little Texan, who will be a year old next month!


Marigold Lott said...

A YEAR! OMG! Time does fly. He's gorgeous.

Patricia said...

Just think this year is half over!