Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Week, Janie!!

I finally got my new printer/scanner hooked up.  LOL!!!  Be prepared, JH.  Your Evil Twin.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Hope you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.  It is considered the first summer holiday and I am more than ready to be out and about in nice weather. However, even though it is the time for cookouts, graduations and summer movies, we need to keep in mind that Memorial Day is more than just a long weekend for most of us.  Take out a few minutes this weekend to remember the young men and women who are no longer here to enjoy the summer. Remember their sacrifice. They deserve that much from all of us. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pillsbury 3 Ingredient Recipe for Scrambled Eggs with Broccoli & Cheese

1 package (10 oz) frozen broccoli in cheese flavored sauce
2 teaspoons butter or margarine
6 eggs, slightly beaten

Cook broccoli in cheese sauce as directed on package.  Meanwhile, in 10-inch nonstick skillet, melt butter over medium heat. Add eggs; cook and stir just until eggs begin to set. Add broccoli with cheese sauce; cook 1 minute, stirring constantly

More recipes from Pillsbury

I have never thought of mixing eggs with broccoli and cheese but this sounds like an easy dish. May try it this weekend.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday May 22!

This Sunday I decided to use a snippet from a WIP short story, Laid To Rest.  This is for Viven, a faithful folllower of the Richie, Tommy Ray and Darlene adventure.  I think I finally may have the ending in sight.

For newcomers: This is a humorous story set in the 50's in Stuttsville, Mississippi.  Richie and Tommy Ray were stealing gas out of the mayor's Caddy while he was visiting Darlene, who works as a secretary during the day and has a home-based business selling nooky at night. The mayor dies of a heart attack while having sex with Darlene. Richie comes up with a scheme to make some easy money. He contacts the mayor's brother and offers to make the mayor's death look as if the heart attack happened while he was on his way to a Mason's meeting.   

There are other snippet links under the Laid To Rest tab. Darlene's posts about the history of personal hyigene and real men don't wear ruffles are now on Darlene's page.

The current snippet comes as they are on the highway. Richie is driving the Caddy with the mayor on the passenger's side. Darlene and Tommy Ray are following in Richie's old Chevy.

     Darlene rolled down the window and looked at me like I didn't have a brain one. "Richie, you don't pull over when you've got a dead body in the car with you!"
     "I've run outta gas."
     "The mayor didn't have no gas in his Cadiallac?"
     "I thought the very same thing when I was sucking on the hose," Tommy Ray admitted with a solemn nod and Darlene let out a shriek.
     "You morons!"

Check out the other writers and their posts at
Also, at the Brenda Novak Diabetes auction, you can get a 1st Chapter critique by me and Darlene, too!  If you are interested, you can bid here to help out a great cause. 

My "Best" List for Writers

Best motto for writers:

It’s only a book.   Your life doesn’t depend on it.  I read this in a writing book ages ago.  When you find yourself getting caught up in all the stress and insecurity that goes with writing, take a step back and know that, if nothing else, you can always write another one.  Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Perfection is not possible.  It’s only a book.  Tape that on your monitor.

Best overall advice for writers:

Write about something you love and something that you are passionate about.  Write a story you would want to read.  Your passion will come through in your work.  Don’t be afraid to take chances.  See motto above.  It’s only a book.  Start it and finish it.

Best Books about Writing:

I love On Writing by Stephen King simply because I related so much to his journey as a writer.  Also, Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott is terrific.  For technique, no one tops Dwight Swain’s Techniques of the Selling Writer.

Best writing tip:

Keep the story moving and the characters in action. If nothing is happening on the page, you need to hit delete and start over.

Best remark about getting published that I ever heard:

It came from Michael Garrett at one of his workshops.  Luck is a major factor in selling.  Being lucky enough to have the right manuscript ready at the right time for the right publisher who is buying. Sounds jaded, I know. But there is truth in it.

Best way to enjoy being a writer:

Besides writing a story you love, make friends with other writers.  My dearest friends are all writers and I don’t know what I would do without them. They are the people who understand and support me. Much more so than non-writing friends or family. So, seek out your local writing groups where you can attend meetings and find new friends who can appreciate your angst. :)

Best ergonomic tools for writers:

Imak wrist pads.  They are made from ergo beads and provide very comfortable support for the wrists.  I bought mine at Staples.

Anti-Glare filters.  They will save your eyes.  Need I say more?

Adjustable Foot Rest.   Another must have.

Mesh Back Rest by Safeco.   Added comfort and support. 

Logitech Soft-Grip Mouse.  Love the design.  Fits the hand perfectly.

Best Music Service for Writers

If you write to music like me, Pandora offers music streaming and personalized stations online. Rhapsody Music Service includes the ability to create play lists so you can make your own soundtracks, which I love.

Best Paper and Pen:

I only use Dr. Grip pens when I’m making notes or outlining.  It is easy on the hand and fingers.  A long time ago, I read that writing on plain paper was much better that lined paper in regard to saving your hands and also lends itself more freely to creativity.  So, I stock on sketch pads when they are on sale

Best way to get to The End:

Develop a writing schedule that works for you and stick to it.  1 page a day, 7 days a week.   10 pages,  2 days a week.  2 hours every night.  Doesn’t matter how much or how often. All that matters is you maintain it until you reached The End. 

And, now, I have reached The End.  Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Simple Way To Pretty Up Plain Shoes

 I started out with a pair of flip flops that I ordered online from Foot Smart. The one thing about ordering shoes is that they don't always look like they do in the photos. This pair of sandals, made with a terrific arch support, fit great but I didn't like the white toe strap.  So, I decided, rather than return them, to find something to cover up the toe strap.  I tried to think of what I could find in a store.  Like an artificial flower maybe? I couldn't find any that would work.

I finally decided that earrings might work. Of course, that meant finding a pair that would fit.  So I went to Belk's and I found a pair of drop earrings that looked suitable for hot gluing onto the strap. 

Believe it or not, the earrings were a perfect fit for the strap.  I cut off the back of the earring.  Put a strip of hot glue down the strap and pressed on the earring.  To this day, they remain.  Plus due to the multi-color earrings, the shoes will go with most any outfit.  Ta Da!! 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Darlene Talks About Personal Hyigene

Darlene, who is Tommy Ray and Richie's pal in Laid To Rest, is blogging (bitching would be a better word) about the history of personal hyigene.
Need a laugh?  Read her post and let her know what your favorite hyigene product is.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday May 15th

I have to apologize to all the Laid To Rest fans, but I made a change this week. I have plucked a few sentences from a contemporary romance I'm working on called The Baby Doctor. The hero, Aaron hopes to adopt an abandoned baby. The heroine, Jamie, is the baby's aunt and his nemsis.

 "Before my sister died, I promised her I would raise her son as my own."
    Jamie's words ricocheted through his heart.  Aaron shoved away from Elaine's desk.  He wanted out of this room.  Away from the silly rainbows on the wall and their empty promises of sunny days, dreams come true and happiness forever. 
     From first hand experience, he knew reality was hard, cold and painful.

Read other snippets from Six Sentence Sunday authors at

Friday, May 13, 2011

Guest Blogger: Lee Ann Story: "Getting Older is Stupid"

Well, I have tried to resist it as long as I could. I have ignored it … fought it … whined about it … written melancholy poems about it …done much wailing, arm flailing and gnashing of teeth over it … but I can no longer deny it.
            I am getting older.
            Now, I suppose I have only a couple of avenues of coping left – 1.) Cover it up and tell everyone I’m 30 for as long as I can get away with it, or 2.) Die.
            I much prefer option number one.
            Me and Miss Clairol have become BFF – Best Friends Forever! I can’t believe I am looking at anti-wrinkle creams. When did I start to care about moisturizing? Do I really want to discuss fiber and/or laxatives with my date? Why do I find myself compulsively doing it, anyway?
            I used to get tired when I exercise. Now, I get tired watching exercise. (I also get tired just thinking about exercise, but I don’t like to talk about that to others. It makes me look like a slug with blue eyes and hair.)
            I don’t want to exercise, but I have noticed an odd squishiness settles in on the ole muscles when I don’t -- so much for the youthful retention of muscle mass despite lack of exercise.
            I have a friend who is older than me. He recently bragged that he had Poptarts for breakfast, but they were whole wheat Poptarts, so that was okay. This is also the same friend who will eat a whole box of Go Lean Crunch cereal – a healthy, fiber-packed cereal – and then complain about his “gassiness.” (I won’t go into the details. Suffice it to say, he explains the whole experience rather colorfully.)
            When did whole wheat Poptarts get to be a healthy choice? Who thought up “whole wheat” Poptarts, anyway? What is the world coming to?
            When did I turn in my sexy, strappy high heels for something more sensible? Why do people look at me funny when I tell them my favorite cereal is Count Chocula or Cocoa Pebbles? Why am I suddenly drawn to any advertised product that declares itself to be “age defying?”
            My only answer to the aforementioned questions is – getting older is stupid.
            It is stupid when I am more worried about taking glucosamine for my joints than I am about what I am having for breakfast. I know I am getting older when I just about have a fit because I am out of fish oil capsules!
            The whole concept of getting older, wiser and mellower is stupid when one’s body breaks down in the process. The irony is astounding!
            I have decided to rebel in the only feeble way I can. I will pretend aging doesn’t exist. I will cover up as many signs of it as possible and will remain 30 as long as I can get away with it.
            Age will not defeat me! I will live to fight another day! (Insert dramatic image of me raising my fist in mixed rage and triumph here.)
            Seriously, getting older is not really all that bad. I like who I am more than I ever did before. I think my mistakes have taught me valuable lessons and I think gray hair is attractive … on other people, of course. I wouldn’t know. I’m only 30.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Laid To Rest Snippet

I'm happy to be posting on Six Sentence Sunday again, especially after April being such a tragic month.  Since the characters from Laid To Rest create smiles, I decided to bring them back.   More of their snippets are located under the Laid To Rest tab. 

           "Ain't what you're talking about called blackmail?"  Darlene handed me her telephone.
"Would you rather be run out of town, Darlene?"  I dialed the number and asked to speak to the mayor's brother.
Albert Stroud stood by the bed as I pulled back the sheet to let him see Mayor Stroud's body.  Like a coroner, I stood there with the sheet in my hands and waited during the viewing, but I sure wasn't expecting the president of Stuttsville National Bank to slap the corpse. 

You can go to Six Sentence Sunday  for more authors and their snippets.  Hope you have a wonderful week!